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Providing foundation for partners and retailers to build cross-channel commerce initiatives, ATG Commerce Reference Store(TM) consists of fully documented reference application, sample Web storefront, and framework built with ATG Commerce v9.1. Technology and best practices in website design, navigation, shopping, check-out, content management, and merchandising help companies create personalized e-commerce sites.

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ATG Releases ATG Commerce Reference Store

Rapid deployment of sophisticated, scalable e-commerce sites. Lower implementation costs.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - ATG (Art Technology Group Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG), the premier provider of cross-channel and e-commerce solutions, today introduced ATG Commerce Reference Store(tm), a fully documented reference application, sample Web storefront, and framework built with ATG Commerce 9.1 that reduces implementation costs for companies creating personalized e-commerce sites. ATG Commerce Reference Store combines technology and best practices in Web site design, navigation, shopping, check-out, content management, and merchandising to provide a foundation for partners and retailers to build functionally rich cross-channel commerce initiatives.

ATG Commerce Reference Store provides everything that a merchant needs to conduct online commerce. Built on ATG's industry-leading e-commerce platform, the reference application includes reusable components that speed the implementation of highly customized Web stores, delivering faster time-to-value for partners and customers. ATG Commerce Reference Store is also the foundation of ATG's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, ATG LiveStore. Now, merchants who need to re-platform their existing Web store or rapidly launch a new Web store can choose between ATG's SaaS offering, or ATG's new on-premise reference application to simplify the entire process of building and maintaining a feature-rich online shopping experience.

"The new ATG reference application is a fully functioning storefront that will jumpstart our implementations and reduce our deployment times and costs," said Alain Bergeron, vice president, consulting services, CGI Group Inc, a leading provider of information technology and business process services and a key ATG solutions provider partner. "We plan to take advantage of the out-of-box features in ATG Commerce Reference Store to minimize re-platforming costs for customers and use the extensible ATG framework to accelerate customizations."

Highlights of ATG Commerce Reference Store include:
  • Web storefront with a rich user interface (UI) featuring guided navigation, full shopping cart functionality, optimized check-out, and merchant zones for promotional content
  • Pre-integrated e-commerce engine capabilities including product catalog management, pricing, profile management, order handling, tax, shipping, payment processing, and inventory management
  • Best practices for a personalized online shopping experience including sample visitor segmentation, dynamic content targeting rules, and pre-built scenarios
  • Pre-integrated business tools with best practices and built-out workflows for online merchandising, site management, catalog management, and promotions; includes ATG Content
  • Administration for managing and deploying site assets; ATG Merchandising for managing the catalog, promotions, gift certificates, and other commerce assets; and ATG Search for facilitating keyword search and faceted navigation
  • Design templates and development building blocks including UI templates, Cascading Style Sheets, sample code, sample configurations, and sample data for simulating a complete working commerce site; templates can be used as is or customized to meet unique branding and business requirements; all sample Web pages are easy to customize
  • Implementation best practices for customizations and extensions of ATG Commerce features
  • Data Anywhere architecture and integration framework for accessing internal enterprise applications
  • Multi-country framework for internationalization and localization including support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Search Engine Optimization including URL recoding, site mapping, and Web page tagging for SEO optimization

    "ATG is the only e-commerce solution provider that provides a single platform for both licensed and on demand reference application solutions," said Nina McIntyre, ATG senior vice president and chief marketing officer." It's important that we offer our valued partners and customers the appropriate options to create enterprise-class sites quickly and efficiently, in whatever model makes the most sense for their specific needs and priorities."

    Beyond the personalization features included in ATG Commerce Reference Store, customers can easily enhance their implementations with ATG Optimization Services such as ATG Recommendations, eStara Click to Call and Click to Chat, and a variety of other on demand tools that drive sales conversions, increase average order values, and improve customer retention rates.

    About ATG
    A trusted, global specialist in e-commerce, ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG) has spent the last decade focused on helping the world's premier brands maximize the success of their online businesses. ATG Commerce is the commerce platform and business user application solution top-rated by industry analysts for powering highly personalized, efficient and effective e-commerce sites. ATG's platform-neutral optimization services can be easily added to any Web site to increase conversions and reduce abandonment. These services include ATG Recommendations and ATG's eStara Click to Call live help and Click to Chat live chat software services. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with additional locations throughout North America and Europe. For more information, please visit www.atg.com.

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