E&K to Present Compact Lift Truck A.G.V.

Process automation and materials handling equipment specialist, E&K, whose activities centre on the manufacture and implementation of automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, will feature its COMPACT CBL driverless counterbalance truck at the Logistics Link South show.

Ideal for retrofit applications as well as new installations, the German-built AGV is intended for multi-shift storage, retrieval and transportation duties in warehouses and factories. The vehicle is distinguished by its small footprint and turning circle, making it unobtrusive in the working environment. It has a modular chassis design to which various mast and fork combinations to a nominal height of 7,400 mm can be added for carrying standard pallet loads of up to 1.2 tonnes.

There is also a choice of manual battery change or automated charging. Further options focus on the navigation system, which can employ laser, spot or line guidance and combinations of those technologies for particular working environments and needs. System operation is handled by the E&K 800 series control platform, through which the track layout and load transfer stations are created at CAD level and simply copied to the AGV. An over-ride allows all vehicle operations to be performed manually, if required.

The COMPACT CBL is equipped with a 4 kW AC drive motor that delivers speeds of up to 1.6 m/s in automatic mode, increasing productivity and reducing response times. Positioning tolerance is ± 10 mm in automatic mode. Easy system installation, low investment and significant savings in labour costs result in a short pay-back time.

In terms of operational safety, the latest infrared laser scanners protect personnel by ensuring that the AGV stops before contact, whether the vehicle is driving forwards or backwards. Side contact strips, emergency buttons and alarms complete the safety package.

A heavy duty, high lift version of the AGV is also available, called COMPACT CBH. It is the big brother of the CBL and is particularly suitable for block stacking of pallets in the beverage and other industries. Payload is up to five tonnes, with lift mast and forks to suit the application.

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