DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators feature redesigned aluminum case.

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DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators offer idle current of 40mA and can track output position up to 4096 steps-per-revolution. Units use hollow back case which allows user to rout wires under the rear cable cover or via a port-hole in the idler bearing. Product enables operator to modify acceleration and velocity parameters and provides two current-based torque control modes. Actuators feature 360-degree contactless absolute encoding option and are suitable for mobile robot platform applications.

Original Press Release:

ROBOTIS Next-Generation Intelligent Actuators

New and Improved Features with DYNAMIXEL X-Series Servos

With the advent of DYNAMIXEL X-Series actuators, ROBOTIS is making it even easier to add a smart motion system to your next robotics or automation project.

DYNAMIXEL actuators have long been used in applications where users appreciate the powerful combination of compact and modular design, simple control interface, and a host of feedback capabilities including position, speed, temperature, load and more which have solidified their reputation as an off-the-shelf solution for motion systems in everything from education and research to special effects, commercial and industrial mechatronics.

The latest X-Series retains the same time-proven formula as the preceding MX-Series and adds new features to equip users with even greater functionality out of the box while spending less time on hardware and software development. Here’s a quick look at some of the key features of DYNAMIXEL X-Series and what these improvements mean for current and future applications:

New Torque Control Mode: In addition to the existing Position Control and Velocity Control modes, the X-Series adds two new Current-based Torque Control modes to provide an additional level of developer control and safety for operations involving Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) or when mechanical compliance and torque-limited movements are desirable to prevent damage to fragile objects or systems.

Aluminum Case Refresh: Select X-Series actuators now feature a redesigned aluminum case for improved mechanical durability and heat dissipation during prolonged use. This new design also removes the mounting flange seen on the exterior of previous DYNAMIXELs and instead offers directto-case mounting – the result is a more compact solution with greater mounting options and fewer fasteners required!

Improved Energy Efficiency: Idle current has been reduced from 100mA to just 40mA to improve battery-powered running time for mobile robot platforms while reducing waste heat and the need for additional heat sinking solutions.

3-Way Cable Routing: By utilizing the hollow back case, wires can now be routed beneath the rear cable cover or via a port-hole in the optional idler bearing to prevent separation and minimize cable stress.

Profile Control: Developers can modify acceleration and velocity parameters to achieve a broad range of trajectory profiles for smoother motion planning and dampened oscillations under dynamic load.

360-Degree Contactless Absolute Encoding: X-Series actuators are fully-encoded in continuous or fixed rotation and can track output position with up to 4096 steps-per-revolution of encoding resolution, requiring no “zeroing” of position on startup for immediate use. Using Extended Position Mode the DYNAMIXEL’s position can be controlled or recorded up to 256 full revolutions in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions; it can be configured to drive a lead screw, rotate a jointed structure, or power a drive wheel with a simple software command.

DYNAMIXEL SDK: All features available through the DYNAMIXEL X-Series firmware are compatible with the latest DYNAMIXEL SDK to dramatically cut time spent on source code development for embedded solutions.

DYNAMIXEL actuator systems are programmable, networkable and available in multiple configurations according to a user’s needs based on size, power output, gear ratio, voltage range (12~24 VDC), and communication protocol to allow the development of modular, expandable and easily re-configurable robotic structures.


ROBOTIS is a leading developer of smart servos, industrial actuators, manipulators, open-source humanoid robot platforms and educational robot kits based on our DYNAMIXEL actuator technology. Our products are designed to be deployed in a wide variety of fields including Education, Hobby/DIY, Research & Development, Prototyping, and Industrial applications

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