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Carolina Scales Inc., a distributor of the AP Dataweigh Systems bring you AP Dataweigh's robust in-motion checkweighers and case weighers driven by Rice Lake Weighing System's powerful 920i HMI controller. AP Dataweigh's high performance checkweighers are open-architected solutions that easily configure and successfully integrate into a number of applications including logistics and distribution, consumer packaged goods, material handling, and food processing.

SR1 checkweighers are ideal for checkweighing out-of-tolerance products, locating missing components and sorting by weight. These dynamic in-motion checkweighers are open-architected, making serviceability and spare part acquisition uncomplicated. The AP Dataweigh roller design enables the SR1 to weigh up to 200 pieces per minute and repeat to an accuracy of ±1 gram. And in simpler applications, the SR1 can repeat to an accuracy of ± 0.5 grams. Applications for Heavy washdown, corrosive environments, meat and poultry processing

The AP1 in-motion checkweigher is designed specifically for washdown environments. Built to excel, the AP1 performs in even heavy washdown and corrosive environments. Its 2.5" stainless steel construction and double-enclosed electronics assure reliable checkweighing for many years.

With up to three different bed configurations, AP2 checkweighers are extremely versatile. The AP2 is capable of checkweighing packages in a variety of sizes and weights. From one pound pouches of salad dressing to 25 pound boxes of auto parts, the flexibility of AP2 can meet your specific needs. The programmable touchscreen controller enables the AP2 to be configured for any specific application. With its open-architected software, the AP2 easily interfaces with scanners, fillers, sorters, and other peripheral equipment. Applications include Industrial and food processing

The CW case weigher is easy-to-operate and a cost-effective solution for your product inspection needs. With its heavy duty construction and rugged durability, this case weigher will excel in virtually every environment. The CW case weigher is the ideal choice for applications that handle packages in a variety of sizes and weights. Its flexibility allows you to weigh one-pound packages to 200 pound cases with precision and accuracy. This dynamic in-motion case weigher is open-architected, making serviceability and spare part acquisition uncomplicated. Applications: Logistics and distribution, food processing, industrial, and weight verification.

The CR1 is a high speed, high precision checkweigher that allows 100% product inspection. With an optional rejection system, out of tolerance packages are removed from the line without expensive labor costs. The touchscreen controller allows fast and simple user interface. And because it is completely open-architected, serviceability and spare part acquisition is uncomplicated. The flexibility of the CR1 allows configuration to any application, without the need for additional process controllers. Applications: Industrial and washdown food processing in a high speed, high throughput environment

Carolina Scales Inc, established in March 1950 is a quality supplier specializing in sales and the service of industrial scale equipment, material batching & blending, data collection, calibration services, PLCs & weighing control systems.

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