DynaCon Radius Turn Conveyors Take a Tight Turn

Dynamic Conveyor recently re-designed the narrow DynaCon radius turn conveyors for conveyance of product around tight corners. The redesigned radius turn conveyors allow small parts or packages to be conveyed in a reduced footprint on 4” to 10” wide conveyors with lateral turns. DynaCon radius turn conveyors can be designed with one or numerous opposing turns that run the gamut from 5o to 180o.

Money can be saved by using one drive motor on long running conveyors with or without several opposing lateral turns. Reconfiguring when needs change is another money saving feature of the DynaCon radius turn conveyors.

All DynaCon conveyors are constructed of modules that connect and reconnect to form systems of varying lengths and profiles. Conveyor modules can be configured and reconfigured, like Lego® building blocks, allowing for conveyor system flexibility. In addition to lateral turns, conveyor configurations can include flat or horizontal styles and inclines and declines used in creating angle and z-style conveyors. The DynaCon modular conveyor system is offered in a variety of widths ranging from 4” to 60”.

The DynaCon line includes reconfigurable conveyors, parts separators, box filling and accessories that boast easy reconfiguration when needs change.

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