DX KVM Extenders support standard IP-based LAN/WAN networks.

Press Release Summary:

DX KVM Extenders are available in DXR-H4 (rackmount display) and DXT-H4 (desktop display) models. Units come with Teradici PCoIP technology, image decomposition, multiple codecs, dynamic network adaptation capabilities. Unit offers quad video up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz or dual video up to 2560 x 1600 at 60Hz and can be fitted up to 12x DXR-H4 cards in a 3U DXiP rack enclosure. Extenders come with built-in VMware Horizon Agent and uses 256-bit AES, smart card authentication.

Original Press Release:

Amulet Hotkey Unveils World’s First KVM Extenders using PCoIP Technology to Break the Distance Barrier

Un-paralleled mobility and performance using standard LAN or WAN IP networks to boost flexibility, productivity and team collaboration.


  • Anywhere access: to host computer systems using secure DXZ zero clients or mobile device end-points.
  • WAN Performance: using PCoIP remote display protocol and advanced imaging algorithms.
  • VMware Horizon support: seamlessly integrate any computer or closed system into a Horizon environment.
  • Secure host isolation: advanced encryption and no hardware or software to install in the host computer.

Amulet Hotkey Ltd., a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions, announced new high-performance IP-based KVM Extenders. Built on the success of five generations and trusted in mission critical deployments, the DX KVM extenders feature enhanced multi-display image processing for demanding professionals and advanced workflows.

The DX KVM extenders are an excellent solution to provide secure remote access to workstations and systems in deployments such as command and control, design engineering, as well as media and entertainment. They can help increase 360-degree situational awareness, enable secure collaboration between teams, organizations and nations, or speed the design, visualization and simulation of anything from animation and movies to aircraft and cars. Amulet Hotkey’s DXR-H4 is a quad display rackmount KVM extender host card with an industry leading form factor to reduce rack space and data center footprint, where the DXT-H4 is a quad display desktop KVM extender host. Professionals can access demanding applications from anywhere using a broad range of devices for true mobility without compromising workstation power or performance.

“We developed the DXR-H4 and DXT-H4 cards in collaboration with leading movie production companies and global system integrators to meet diverse requirements from command and control operators to creative and design professionals while delivering the highest levels of security and flexibility,” said Andrew Jackson, president, Amulet Hotkey Inc. “Advanced and collaborative workflows can incorporate any system including high-resolution images, complex graphics and video to accelerate real-time analysis and decisions or boost creative team productivity.”

Breaking the KVM Distance Barrier

KVM extenders have been known to have distance limitations. To break the distance barrier while maintaining high-levels of performance, the DXR-H4 and DXT-H4 use Teradici PCoIP technology with advanced capabilities such as image decomposition, multiple codecs, dynamic network adaptation and built-in WAN optimization to manage bandwidth and image quality on LAN or WAN networks. Also, to deliver the best user experience for the available network resources, the DXR-H4 and DXT-H4 support features to reduce bandwidth requirements such as compressing and sending only the display pixels that are changing frame-to-frame, dynamic image quality adjustments, progressive image build-to-lossless, and intelligent data retransmission in the event of packet loss.

The DXR-H4 and DXT-H4 cards compliment Amulet Hotkey centralized workstation solutions such as CoreStation blade workstations, with integrated KVM extender mezzanine cards, and DX KVM extender host PCIe cards. They are an ideal solution to provide non-intrusive and secure remote access to systems that cannot fit a PCIe card or where the host system must remain physically isolated to meet security requirements. System isolation is maintained by using standard computer cables to connect the host computer to the DXR-H4 or DXT-H4, where network isolation is provided by the dedicated KVM extender network port.

“KVM technology has come a long way in the 25 years since Amulet Hotkey developed and patented Balun transformers for RGB video extension over Ethernet cables,” said Keith Grundon, technical director, Amulet Hotkey, Ltd. “Our new 6th generation KVM extenders enable true digital transformation for command and control centres providing secure data sharing within and across organizations and nations supporting a rapid and coordinated response to emergencies.”

“We deploy Amulet Hotkey KVM extenders to streamline our customer workflows, simplify studios and control rooms while creating flexible editing stations that can be functionally transformed with the click of a mouse,” said Phil Crawley, chief engineer, Jigsaw24. “With support for more displays, higher resolution, enhanced WAN performance and no hardware or software to install in the media systems, these new solutions help our film and TV customers securely integrate global teams and specialty partners into seamless workflows that boost collaboration and productivity to meet tight deadlines.”

Amulet Hotkey DXR-H4 key features:

  • KVM extender card for video, USB and audio using the broadly adopted PCoIP remote display protocol.
  • Hardware accelerated and low latency PCoIP encoding using Teradici Tera2 PCoIP processors for a responsive and uncompromised user experience.
  • Quad video up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz or dual video up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz. Note: To request information (AskUs@amulethotkey.com) on 4K UHD upgrade capability.
  • Fit up to 12x DXR-H4 cards in a 3U DXiP rack enclosure.
  • Supports point-to-point or standard IP-based LAN/WAN networks with copper and fiber connection options.
  • Up to a 4x density advantage over comparable KVM extender solutions.
  • Up to a 2.3x increase in PCoIP image encoding performance compared to the previous generation card.
  • Extensive security features such as comprehensive session encryption using 256-bit AES, smart card authentication, intelligent hardware USB lockdown.
  • Built-in VMware Horizon Agent to seamlessly integrate into a VMware Horizon environment. Also includes direct connection modes for when there is no connection broker deployed.
  • Dual power supplies on rack enclosure for redundancy or secure split-power configuration.

Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 features:

  • The same DXR-H4 capabilities but in a desktop form factor to provide KVM extension for individual systems including desk-side workstations and laptops.

Flexible end-point options:

A broad range of client (receiver) end-point options provide unparalleled flexibility when connecting to the DXR-H4 or DXT-H4 hosts including: Amulet Hotkey secure DXZ zero clients, DXZC-A series zero clients that are certified as secure by UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and NATO, as well as software clients for thin clients, laptops, tablets or smartphones.


The DXT-H4 host, DXR-H4 cards and DXiP rack enclosure can be ordered now from Amulet Hotkey.

For more information contact Amulet Hotkey or visit https://www.amulethotkey.com/products/kvm-extender-and-remote-workstation-cards/rackmount-kvm-extenders/.

About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey is a proven innovator in design, manufacturing and system integration of high availability solutions for remote physical or virtual workstation, as well as virtual and cloud desktop that are optimized for both mission and business critical applications to deliver robust, secure and uncompromised performance backed up by world-class support. Amulet Hotkey partners with leading manufacturers of data center, cloud and virtualization technologies that enable them to bring to market unique solutions tailored to enterprise IT needs for a truly flexible and scalable computing architecture. Amulet Hotkey customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises as well as local and federal governments. The Amulet Hotkey solutions are deployed in command and control, emergency call centers, investment banks, oil & gas, CAD designers, digital content creation, and post production studios around the world.

Amulet Hotkey was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in the UK where design and manufacturing facilities are based with sales, support and technology centers in London and New York. For more information see www.amulethotkey.com.

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