DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH Will Unveil Its New Content Management System and Introduce CLIPSTER, Pronto2K, ProntoHD and OEM Board-Versions with an Array of Additional Features at NAB 2006

Date: January 27th 2006

DVS: product news at NAB

Hanover/Las Vegas. Starting on April 24th, NAB visitors will be able to see DVS' award-winning
CLIPSTER workstation as well as the disk recorders Pronto2K and ProntoHD in their latest versions.
The OEM boards Centaurus and SDStationOEM II will run with additional features and an
extended SDK and application support package. As a special highlight at booth SL2964, DVS' new
Content Management System will make its debut in Las Vegas.

With CLIPSTER, post houses benefit in particular from a powerful real-time workstation with multiresolution,
zoom-and-pan, conforming, color-correction, cropping, and versioning capabilities. The
new CLIPSTER software supports workflows for dailies and various compressed formats such as
JPEG2000, WM-9 and QuickTime. Moreover, it is based on a platform employing latest
technologies such as 64-bit CPU and operating system architectures and multi-core processor
support, thereby increasing the overall processing speed of the system. Especially workflows
requiring highest level of flexibility, operator interaction, and heavy throughput in conforming and
finishing will benefit from the new features.

The disk recorders Pronto2K and ProntoHD provide instant access, play-out and capture of
uncompressed 2K, HD and SD and combine the advantages of a disk-based recording system with
a state-of-the-art workstation to offer affordable VTR emulation, computer-video interfacing and networking integrated in a single device. The new disk recorders supply conforming capabilities
with transitions and will also support several compressed image formats.

DVS' high-end HD OEM board Centaurus now supports up to 16 instead of 8 embedded audio
channels, thereby perfecting its interaction with Sony's HDCAM SR. The SDStationOEM II runs on
24 Hz "slow PAL" providing a correct timeline for film content scanned at SDTV rates.

The DVS-SAN has become a standard product in many post houses where sustaining highest data
rates and handling of huge amounts of data on centralized storage is part of the day-to-day
operation. To maximize efficiency in such workflows DVS will introduce its new product at NAB:
the Content Management System helps to easily manage content and metadata, to search, view
and browse through directories within the context of the current project. The DVS-Content
Management System has been designed as an open platform that supports existing structures in
addition to the CLIPSTER, Pronto and DVS-SAN systems.

DVS with headquarters in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA has achieved sustained
success in 2005: CLIPSTER won the prestigious Digital Cinematography Award. In addition to its
cooperation with Hollywood film studios DVS teamed up with companies such as The Mill,
Midnight Transfer, Sony, Kodak and Bang & Olufsen.

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