Dust Collector provides quiet operation.

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Model DG203 shaker style unit features 3 hp direct drive built-in fan that delivers 1200 cfm at 5 in. SP. Dirty air enters top-mounted inlet, passes through inlet zone and makes 180 deg turn to reach 20 individual polyester, envelope-shaped filters. Dust can be collected in either pullout dust drawer or in 55 gal drum. Excessive dust on filters is easily dislodged by shaking filter with exterior shaker handle.

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Sternvent Quiet & Compact Dust Collector Ideal for OEM Applications

Many people prefer the strong, silent-type - dust collector, that is. The Model DG203, manufactured by Sternvent Co., Inc., Bogota, New Jersey, features a powerful 3 hp direct drive built-in fan that delivers 1200 CFM at 5" SP. This shaker style unit is unusually compact and exceptionally quiet. It is ideal for collecting industrial dust resulting from steel grinding, pigment
and powder weighing, jewelry polishing, fire extinguisher filling, mold de-flashing artificial limb customizing and numerous other industrial operations.

Dirty air enters the top-mounted inlet, passes through the inlet zone and makes a 180° turn to reach the twenty individual heavy-duty polyester, envelope-shaped filters. The powerful fan is located in the upper chamber above the filters. Dust can be collected in either the pullout dust drawer or in a 55 gallon drum. Excessive dust on the filters is easily dislodged by shaking the filter with the exterior shaker handle.

The DG203 is one of five model sizes in the family of Sternvent shaker cabinet style dust collectors, which range from 1 to 10 hp. Special filter media, casters, and motor starters are available.

Established in 1952, Sternvent specializes in small to medium size industrial dust collectors (1,000-15,000 CFM) which include high efficiency cyclones, compact shaker units with manual or motorized shakers, Jet-Pulse bag and cartridge units, and oil mist collectors used in the woodworking, metalworking, and chemical industries. Equipment is available with basic modifications such as special filter media, alternate blowers, special height dust containers, and special construction such as stainless steel.

For further information, call Peter Levitt at Sternvent, (201) 488-1146 or write: DG203, Sternvent Co., Inc., 253 West Fort Lee Road, Bogota, NJ 07603, FAX: (201) 488-1605, Web Site: www.sternvent.com, E-Mail: info@sternvent.com.

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