Dust Collector Controller handles 10-990 solenoid outputs.

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Dustronix(TM) Core-10 Dust Collector Control operates as stand-alone module to control up to 10 solenoid outputs and can be combined with up to 98 Expander-10 Output Modules to control 990 soleniod outputs. Product features current sensor capabilities for diagnostic monitoring of multiple solenoids. Pushbutton encoder selects operating functions, and operating and programming information is displayed on 3-digit, 7-segment display.

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Dustronix Dust Collector Controller from Ametek NCC Offers Cost and Performance Advantages Versus PLC Systems

Advanced Controller and Expander Modules Are Intelligent Low-Cost Alternative

WEST CHICAGO, IL, USA - The new Dustronix(TM) Core-10 Dust Collector Control (Model DNC-T2610-010) from AMETEK NCC represents a breakthrough in stand-alone control modules for dust control systems. The Core-10 is the main control module in the new Dustronix line and offers superior performance at substantially lower cost than programmable logic controller (PLC)-based systems.

The Core-10 operates as a stand-alone module controlling up to 10 solenoid outputs or combined with up to 98 Expander-10 Output Modules (Model DNC-T2610-020) to control a total of 990 soleniod outputs. In addition, Core-10 has current sensor capabilities for diagnostic monitoring of multiple solenoids per output.

The Dustronix system (Core-10 Controller and Expander-10 Output Module) is designed for rugged use in a wide array of dust control devices and systems. It features simplified programmability and implementation, versus PLC-based controllers. The compact size of the Core-10 and Expander-10 modules allows either to be mounted in 8" x 6" enclosures, or in larger enclosures with other Dustronix products.

The Core-10 is unique in providing simple 1-button programming. A single push-button encoder is used to select operating functions. LEDs indicate program function. The push-button also is used to view alarm conditions and cancel the alarm output. Operating and programming information are displayed on a 3-digit, 7-segment display.

The Core-10 is able to operate in the On-Demand mode with input from a pressure sensor (4-20mA) or pressure switch. It also can operate in Continuous mode through use of a jumper across the pressure switch input. A switch connected to the pressure switch input acts as a bypass switch. Input for a Cycle Down switch also is provided to allow for end-of-operation cleaning.

The Expander-10 module communicates with the Core-10 through a simple pair of twisted wires using CANbus architecture that provides robust noise immunity. The Expander-10 is shipped from the factory in an "off-line" configuration, and an operational address must be selected in order for the module to be recognized on the CANbus network.

Connection to the CANbus network can be achieved in a variety of ways: in series, parallel, and/or series-parallel. All programming is done using the Core-10 controller. Once network connections are made and power applied to the connected solenoids, program parameters on the Core-10 can be set for the specific application.

AMETEK NCC is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of dust collector controls as well as timing and temperature control products and systems sold into various markets. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

For more information on the Dustronix Dust Collector Controls, contact AMETEK NCC National Controls Corp., 1725 Western Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185 USA. Phone: 630-231-5900. Fax: 630-231-1377. Web site: www.nationalcontrols.com.

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