Durex Industries Offers Silicone Rubber Heaters with Factory Vulcanization

Durex Industries offers silicone rubber heaters with factory vulcanization. Durex Industries already produces silicone rubber heaters for a variety of industries and applications. Silicone heaters, with a continuous operating temperature range from -60F to 428F (-51C to 220C) can be powered at voltages up to 600 volts. Using proprietary techniques, Durex Industries prepares the part for factory vulcanization of the silicone rubber heater. Then through a controlled process of heat and pressure, the silicone rubber heater is bonded to your part. The silicone rubber actually fills in the microstructure of the part allowing the most efficient heat transfer possible. Even the most complex parts are candidates for factory vulcanization of silicone rubber heaters because of Durex Industries extensive in-house tooling capabilities.

Durex Industries factory vulcanization of silicone rubber heaters provides the best possible bond; superior to pressure sensitive adhesives or RTVs. With no adhesive layer present, heat transfer rates are increased. The standard construction places only 0.015in (0.38 mm) of silicone rubber between the internal element and your part. This allows the silicone rubber heater to be designed at higher watt densities, and increases heater life. While standard watt densities for silicone heaters are in the 5 watts per square inch range (0.78 watts per square cm), factory vulcanization to aluminum can support watt densities of 10 to 20 watts per square inch (1.55 to 3.1 watts per square cm) if operating temperatures are controlled.

Factory vulcanization can be accomplished with both silicone wire wound heaters and silicone etched heaters. Standard resistance densities for both types of elements can range up to 100 ohms per square inch (15.5 ohms per square cm.) Silicone etched heaters can be factory vulcanized up to dimensions of 12in by 28in (30cm to 152cm). Silicone wire wound heaters can be factory vulcanized to your part with standard processes up to dimensions of 24in by 36in (61cm by 91cm). For larger sizes consult Durex Industries technical support.

For literature, applications, pricing or more details, please contact: DUREX INDUSTRIES, 190 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013-2979. Phone: (847) 639-5600. Fax: (847) 639-2199. Web: www.durexindustries.com. Email: sales@durexindustries.com. Attention: Terry Smith, National Sales Manager.

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