Durex Industries Announces New Heater Technology

Durex Industries, a leading North American designer and manufacturer of heaters, temperature sensors, controls and systems, recently announced successfully developing an Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Heater technology with an embedded Tungsten RTD sensor.  This RTD sensor provides the fastest possible heater measurement and response to changes in temperature. One advantage of this fast responding RTD temperature technology is that temperature ramp rates in excess of 200°C in less than 2 seconds can be achieved.

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) heaters are based on a multi-layer ceramic heater technology.  In many applications, AlN heater technology provides superior performance when compared to traditional metal heater technologies.  This allows equipment and instrumentation designers to improve the performance of their products. Key AlN attributes include high watt density for rapid temperature ramp rates, high electrical insulation resistance, high temperature rating, and AlN is inert to most common chemicals.  

About Durex Industries

Durex Industries is a vertically integrated, lean enterprise advancing the state of the art in industrial electrical heating, temperature sensing and control.  Headquartered in a 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois, Durex Industries serves the Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Foodservice, Plastics, Packaging, Process, and general industrial markets.

For literature, applications, pricing or more details, please contact:

DUREX INDUSTRIES, 190 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013-2979

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Web: www.durexindustries.com.

E-mail: sales@durexindustries.com.

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