DURADEK® & DURAGRID® Grating Meets Virginia Graeme Baker Act UV Requirements for Pool Grates

February 25, 2009

(Bristol, VA) Strongwell's DURADEK® and DURAGRID® pultruded fiberglass grating, including I-4000 & T-1800 which are typically used in the pool & spa market, have been tested and meet UV requirements mandated by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA). The grating is the ideal solution for fabricating VGBA compliant drain systems.

Stork Materials Technology, an independent testing facility, tested Strongwell's pultruded grating for tensile strength and impact strength after being subjected to ultraviolet (UV) radiation weathering. The independent testing was performed in accordance with ASTM D638 for tensile testing and ASTM D256 for Izod impact testing. The testing results shown below indicate DURAGRID® grating has a K factor of 1.02 for AMSE A112.19.8.a - 2008, section, which is the testing protocol for grates and grating covering pool drains.

Stork Materials Technology - Summary of Results:

ASTM D638 - Tensile Test

Sample  Specimen  Peak Stress  Strain   Modulus    Stress   Elongation  Elongation
(psi) at Break (psi) at Break at Break at Yield,
(%) (psi) (in) (in)

Average 73,911 1.58 4,929,032 71,677 0.101 0.032
Std. Dev. 3,801 0.09 221,977 4,509 0.098 0.002

Average 73,574 1.64 5,319,828 73,574 0.033 0.033
Std. Dev. 1,566 0.10 309,287 1,566 0.002 0.002

ASTM D256 - Izod Impact Test

     Sample	          Corrected Energy	     Corrected Energy
(in-lbs) (ft-lbs/in)

Average 106.5 54.8
Std. Dev. 15.2 7.9

Average 105.1 53.9
Std. Dev. 15.0 7.8

K factor of 1.02 for ASME A112.19.8.a - 2008, Section

Strongwell's grating has been successfully used to fabricate field or replacement drain systems for years because the benefits of DURADEK® and DURAGRID®:

o Strength - DURADEK® and DURAGRID® are extremely strong and impact resistant

o Low Maintenance - Corrosion resistant fiberglass with molded-in color will outlast aluminum or steel grating with virtually no maintenance, even when submerged under water.

o Cost Effective - Strongwell's pultruded grating is lightweight and, therefore, easily handled in installation, and cost less to ship than steel grating.

o Safety - DURAGRID® grating is low in electrical and thermal conductivity and can have a non-skid grit surface.

To see the entire UV testing report from Stork Material Technology and for more information about DURADEK®, DURAGRID® or any of Strongwell's other composite materials such as platforms, handrail systems, building panels and decking, visit www.strongwell.com or call (276) 645-8000.

Headquartered in Bristol, Virginia, Strongwell is the world's leading and largest pultruder of fiber reinforced polymer composites. The company has pultrusion manufacturing facilities in Bristol, Virginia, Washington County, Virginia and Chatfield, Minnesota. Strongwell is a financially strong, privately-held company, producing products including structural shapes, grating, handrail, structural building panels, decking systems, composite armor, ladder rail, and many OEM products for its diverse customer base.


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