Duplex Filter fits 800 MHz CDMA applications.

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Model CER0046A ceramic monoblock duplexer has typical performance of better than 2.0 dB on transmitting (TX) insertion loss and 3.0 dB on receiving (RX) insertion loss. Typical applications include disposable wireless handsets.

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CTS Wireless Components Introduces Low-Cost CDMA Duplexer Filter

Elkhart, IN...CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS), an innovator in wireless handset component technology and a world leader in wireless component manufacturing, today introduced a low-cost duplexer solution for 800 MHz CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) applications. The new CDMA duplexer, CTS Model CER0046A, which was designed cooperatively with a disposable handset manufacturer, features a lower manufactured cost than traditional ceramic duplexers, as well as a lower price than competing technologies. The product has typical performance of better than 2.0 dB on transmitting (TX) insertion loss and 3.0 dB on receiving (RX) insertion loss. CTS Model CER0046A is an excellent choice for handset manufacturers producing low-cost, or disposable, handsets.

"This new duplexer is another example of our patented ceramic monoblock technology enabling CTS to provide a proven performance, low-cost solution for handset designers," said Jerry Gabbard, vice president and general manager, CTS Wireless Components. "Ceramic is the only duplexer technology capable of meeting the performance standards of CDMA RF systems at a cost which is unsurpassed in the market." Gabbard concluded.

Every year hundreds of thousands of potential cell phone users are denied use because they cannot pass credit checks. To serve this customer group, wireless companies have created "prepaid programs" which allow users to purchase blocks of call time in advance. There are no credit restrictions, no contracts and no monthly bills. The programs have become popular with both cost-conscious customers and families with children, predominantly in their early teens to mid-20's. According to Cahners In-Stat Group, a market research firm, "There will be about 43 million youthful wireless subscribers by 2004, up from about 11 million today." And, The Yankee Group, another market watcher, has reported, "The number of U.S. wireless customers using some form of prepaid service is expected to double in size by 2005." Accordingly, CTS Wireless Components believes that lower-cost handset solutions, made possible by new components like the CER0046A duplexer, will fully enable this anticipated market growth.

The new CTS Model CER0046A was developed by an experienced, accomplished CTS design engineering team and is fully supported with high-volume CTS manufacturing operations in North America and Asia. Since the inception of the patented monoblock duplexer design, CTS Wireless Components has shipped in excess of 100 million ceramic duplexer filters. Samples and evaluation boards are available now.

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