Duperon® Washer Compactor: A Simple Way to Reduce Landfill Costs

The Duperon® Washer Compactor is a simple, non-batching process unit that efficiently cleans and compacts screenings of less than four inches at rates of up to 60 cu. ft/hour.The technology will be on display at WEFTEC 2011 in Los Angeles in Booth 829.

The core of the Duperon® Washer Compactor's simplicity is found in its dual auger system, which utilizes thermal-mechanical dynamics to enable absorption of grease into the debris' naturally occurring fibrous materials. Additionally, the positive displacement employed by the dual augers ensures that what comes in, goes out - without exception. Simplicity is further enhanced by the unit's discharge chute, which travels up to ten feet in multiple configurations to fit any site.

Compacted debris shows 84% volume reduction and 60% dry solids - enough to significantly reduce costs associated with landfill fees and transportation.

Duperon Corporation is the leader in preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies and provides technologies for coarse screening, fine screening, low flow screening, ultra screening, washing compacting, and conveying. Duperon® technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan.


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