DUNAPOL® C Pour-In-Place Polyurethane Insulation Implemented at Major LNG Projects

Pourable System Offers Process Efficiency Improvement Over Legacy Insulation Techniques


DUNA-USA, a manufacturer of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams and chemicals for the aerospace, automotive, insulation, marine, and construction industries, has partnered with Insulations Inc. an oil and gas industry insulation contractor, to provide DUNAPOL® C foam-in-place polyurethane system for valve insulation at both Cameron LNG and Freeport LNG export plant projects.

After a testing process conducted in collaboration with multiple engineering firms, the DUNAPOL® C system was approved, and production initiated by Insulations Inc. in January 2019.

“With the DUNAPOL® C system, we documented noticeable efficiency improvements over traditional valve and flange insulating techniques. DUNAPOL® C enabled us to perform the valve insulation scope in faster, safer, more cost-effective manner, while still maintaining the high-quality level of work we take pride in,” states David Branton, President of Insulations Inc. “Insulations Inc. has made the capital and resource commitments to be the industry leader for LNG & Ethylene Foam-in-Place (FIP) applications, and we’ve seen great success in both the Freeport and Cameron LNG plant projects” adds Branton.

Historical valve and flange insulation protocol involves using fabricated rigid sheets, requiring a high amount of labor with lots of waste material and bond joints. Pour-in-place systems eliminate waste entirely and drastically reduce labor hours, providing a cost and time-effective improvement on existing technology.

The dimensional stability of the pour-in-place system, and the excellent cell structure are just a few of the features in a long list of outstanding mechanical, physical and thermal insulation properties of DUNAPOL® C. “Our collaboration with Insulations Inc., along with the quality of the DUNAPOL® C polyurethane systems, confirms the efficiency of foam-in-place insulation technology in the US market,” says Andrea Benedetti, CEO of DUNA-USA.

The foam-in-place technology is relatively new to the North American market but has a successful track record in LNG applications throughout the globe and is widely accepted as the most efficient insulation process for valve and flange applications. “We foresee a continued growth and use of the foam-in-place technology in LNG and ethylene projects throughout North America over the next few years, with a product made entirely in the US,” adds Benedetti.

Insulations Inc. is headquartered in New Orleans, LA, and has been in business for over 40 years. They specialize in providing high-quality construction services such as tank insulation, fireproofing, heat tracing, fabrication, refractory, painting/coating, abatement, and scaffolding. They operate in multiple industries such as refining, gas processing, chemical, power, pulp and paper, LNG, industrial, and marine. Additional information may be seen at: http://www.insulationsinc.com.

DUNA-USA’s Polyiso foam and PU systems are primarily targeted towards oil and gas, cryogenic, and LNG insulation applications and is the core business of the DUNA Group. The DUNA Group, comprised of DUNA-USA, DUNA-CORRADINI, and DUNA-EMIRATES, has been manufacturing foams, chemicals and adhesives since 1957, and specializes in the research and development of high-quality polyurethane foams and chemicals. DUNA has locations in the USA Italy, and United Arab Emirates. Additional information may be seen at: http://www.dunagroup.com/usa

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