Dukes Aerospace, Inc. Designs New Valves for the C-5B Galaxy

Dukes Aerospace, Inc. is working in partnership with Rohr (B.F. Goodrich) to provide new cowl anti ice valves for the 're-engined" C-5B Galaxy. The project will place new General Electric CF6-80C2LIF engines on the U.S. Air Force heavy lift transporter to increase service life, fuel efficiency and performance.

Dukes Aerospace, Inc. will use its new 5528-00-1 Cowl Anti Ice Shutoff Valve to provide engine bleed air to the new nacelles. This 2" piston valve is an "off the shelf" design based on ones used on the MD-11, DC-10 and A300 aircraft.

In addition, the Northridge, California based aerospace parts manufacturer will be providing the APU Load Control Valve. The 5576-00-1 LCV represents a new 4" butterfly valve design.

The U.S. Air Force has over 100 C-5B's in service in Air Force and Air National Guard units across the country. This new modification program will provide a 20 year service life extension for the Galaxy that has been in service since the early 1970's.

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