Duct Systems are made of CPVC.

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Corzan(R) CPVC duct systems exhaust volatile fumes and exhibit resistance to chemical attack. Manufactured in pipe sizes from 6 to 24 in. diameters, ducting offers working temperature of 200 deg F and fire resistant properties. It can be connected with fume scrubbers or other emission control equipment. Applications include pulp and paper, metals finishing, water and wastewater treatment, electronics, and chemical processing.

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Corzan(R) CPVC Duct Systems Offer Superior Performance For Fume Exhuast In Aggressive Environments

Corrosion-Resistant Piping Exhibits Exceptional Physical Properties to Provide Cost-Effective Alternative to Metallic Systems

CLEVELAND - Corzan(R) CPVC duct systems offer superior performance for volatile fume exhaust service in aggressive industrial and institutional environments. Constructed of durable chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), Corzan duct systems exhibit exceptional resistance to chemical attack. Combined with the inherent lightweight structure of CPVC duct, the system provides a long-lasting and economical solution for
ventilation of highly corrosive and potentially toxic fumes.

Corzan seamless extruded CPVC duct, manufactured in iron pipe sizes (IPS) ranging from 6" to 24" (150mm - 600mm) diameters, eliminates the need to fabricate large diameter duct from sheet. However, duct larger than 24" may be fabricated from CPVC sheet. By integrating Corzan round duct, fabricated duct fittings, industrial sheet and welding rod, a complete fume handling system can be designed with a consistent and reliable balance of mechanical properties. The ducting system can also be connected with fume scrubbers or other emission contol equipment made of Corzan CPVC to ensure excellent corrosion resistance throughout the entire system.

With an upper working temperature of 200 deg F (93°C) and excellent fire resistance properties, Corzan CPVC duct provides added performance advantages over other plastics in corrosive environments at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for many hot fume service applications.

Weighing significantly less than metallic systems, Corzan CPVC duct is easier to fabricate, install, support and modify, which can significantly reduce labor time and costs. With lower overall pipe and maintenanice costs, Corzan CPVC duct provides an economical alternative to metallic systems for various manufacturing industries, including:

- Pulp and paper
- Metals finishing
- Water and wastewater treatment
- Electronics
- Chemical processing

Manufactured exclusively by Harvel Plastics, Inc., Corzan CPVC duct is generally resistant to most acids, bases, salts, oxidants and halogens. Comprehensive chemical resistance data for more than 400 reagents, as well as usage recommendations, are
available from Corzan(TM) Industrial Systems.

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