Dual-Turret Winder meets Blown Film Industry needs.

Press Release Summary:

With compact design able to handle 24, 30, or 40 in. dia rolls on 3 and 6 in. cores, Dual Turret Winders have frame design constructed of 1 3/8 in. thick steel side plates - stress relieved and normalized - tied together with 5 girths measuring 6 x 8 in. Products are offered with 44-124 in. wide roll face and offer Taper Tension control via PLC touch-screen. Indexing gear design limits turret movement to .015 in., and adjustable linear lay-ons maintain consistent pressure.

Original Press Release:

New Dual Turret Winder Manufactured by CCS Machinery, Inc.

CCS Machinery Inc. has delivered several New Dual Turret Winders in the USA. Compact design capable of 24", 30" or 40" diameter rolls, on 3" and 6" cores. Mark One Machinery Sales, LTD. is the exclusive Sales Representative for CCS Machinery Inc. CCS has designed a winder with production and the operator as the main concerns. Through the years of rebuilding winders and providing production consulting Mark One has identified the many problems with existing winders, and decided to solve those problem and create a winder that will serve the Blown Film Industry on all levels, and address production winding concerns. Mark One Machinery contracted CCS Machinery to build the winders.

The Dual Turret Winder begins with a quality frame design that is constructed of
1 3/8" thick steel side plates, stress relieved and normalized, tied together with five (5) heavy duty girths, 6" X 8", which provide for an extremely solid frame. The winder is available in sizes from 44" to 124" wide roll face, with models capable of 24", 30", or 40" diameter rolls. Taper Tension controlled by PLC via touch screen to provide accurate and reliable tension control. Slitter blades are easily accessible while the winder is running, and blades can be changed safely while the winder is in operation. The web path is exactly the same for both turrets from the infeed/secondary nip. The design of the indexing gear on the turrets limits turret movement to .015 (fifteen thousanths) of an inch for the life of the winder. All winder controls and calibrations are done via the PLC (Touch Screen), eliminating the necessity for calibration of each drive separately and will guarantee the same performance from each winding spindle. Our knife design insures a much more reli able auto cut on a wider range of gauges. The knife rotates into the web path allowing the web to cut itself rather than flying the knife into the web. The web is forced to wrap, impale and cut itself on the knife. Because of the amount of wrap, tapeless transfer is extremely reliable. Programming and touch screen controls are designed to be user friendly and simple, providing numeric and gauge displays. Bowed roll position is externally adjustable while the winder is running. Easily adjustable and precise linear lay-ons maintain consistent pressure. Pneumatically loaded chucks with mechanical locks and electronic safety interlock for dependable and safe operation. The electronic interlock prohibits the Turret from indexing when spindles are not locked in place The oversize roll sensor that senses roll diameter, will first provide a warning and then shut down winder at the desired safety setting. Variable indexing speeds compensate for different line speeds during the in dexing cycle, preventing the indexing speed from being faster than the web speed. The tapeless auto cut is capable of 3" and 6" cores without the need for any adjustments.

The overall width of the winder is about 30" more than the web width desired with an overall height of 95" on the 30" Diameter Winder. The winder frame is 80" deep and the overall winder depth with safety light curtain is 104". The winder can be constructed as a left hand or right hand as it pertains to control and cabinet locations. This reliable winder is designed and assembled with out any proprietary components. The operation of this winder reduces your set up time, labor, maintenance costs, and scrap, while increasing your roll quality.

Rocco Panetta
Mark One Machinery Sales, Ltd.

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