Dual Syringe Pump provides continuous flow in labs.

Press Release Summary:

Pump 33 is designed for continuous fluid flow, infusion or withdrawal, and is capable of operating 24/7, 365 days/year. Combining channels via valve box, pump provides continuous delivery capability with accurate, pulse-free flow. Product provides 2 independent pumping channels, has RS-232 interface, and features 4 modes of operation: reciprocal/parallel, proportional, autostop, and continuous run.

Original Press Release:

Two Pumps in One for Continuous Flow!

The NEW Harvard Apparatus Pump 33 is a highly accurate unit designed for continuous fluid flow, infusion or withdrawal, 24/7, 365 days a year.

This dual syringe pump provides two independent pumping channels. Like two Pumps in One.

Combine channels with a valve box, and the Pump 33 provides continuous delivery capability, with the accuracy and pulse-free flow you expect of all Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps.

Four Modes of Operation make this model a perfect fit for every lab!

Reciprocal/Parallel Mode allows the two pumping mechanisms to run completely independently - in the same or opposite directions.

The Proportional Mode allows different flow rates and syringe diameters to be set up for each syringe holder.

The AutoStop Mode terminates operation when a limit switch is activated and the Continuous Run Mode reverses direction at the flip of a limit switch.

High pressure capability, TTL, and RS-232 interface add to the Pump 33's versatility.

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