Dual SCART operates from +3.3 and +12 V power supplies.

Press Release Summary:

MAX9598 is switch matrix for routing of audio and video signals between MPEG decompression chip and 2 external SCART connectors. It integrates DirectDrive(TM) technology to prevent click-and-pop noise. Contained in 6 x 6 mm TQFN package, unit operates from 0 to +70°C and includes audio and video channels featuring input-source-selection multiplexers, input buffers, and output buffers. It consumes 70 mW of quiescent power and is controlled through I2C-compatible interface.

Original Press Release:

Industry's First +3.3V Dual SCART Saves Power and Reduces Component Count in Set-Top Boxes and A/V Receivers

+3.3V Dual SCART Solution Minimizes Power Consumption in Set-Top Boxes

o The MAX9598 is a complete dual SCART solution for set-top boxes and A/V receivers that have two SCART connectors.
o Designed to address the emerging requirements for "green" consumer products, the MAX9598 consumes less power than any existing dual SCART solution.
o The MAX9598 operates audio and video circuitry from a +3.3V supply and only requires +12V for the slow-switching signal.
o This low-voltage operation, combined with its low operating current, enables up to 9x reduction in power consumption, when compared with competing solutions.

SUNNYVALE, CA-April 15, 2008-Maxim Integrated Products (Pink OTC Markets: MXIM) introduces the MAX9598, the industry's first +3.3V dual SCART solution for set-top boxes and A/V receivers that have two SCART connectors. This device utilizes power-saving, "green" technology to achieve the industry's lowest power consumption. Additionally, the MAX9598 integrates the Company's patented DirectDrive(TM) technology to prevent click-and-pop noise and eliminate the need for costly AC-coupling capacitors on the audio outputs.* Available in a space-saving, 6mm x 6mm TQFN package, the MAX9598 is the industry's smallest complete dual SCART solution.

Functional Overview

The MAX9598 is a switch matrix that eases routing of audio and video signals between an MPEG decompression chip and two external SCART connectors. The audio and video channels feature input-source-selection multiplexers, input buffers, and output buffers for routing all inputs to selected outputs. The MAX9598 integrates standard-definition video filters on all video encoder inputs, and all audio drivers deliver a full-scale (2.0VRMS, min) output. The device also integrates input-video-signal and video-load detection circuitry. Controlled through an I²C-compatible interface, the MAX9598 fully complies with the EN50049-1 SCART standard.

Going Green: Traditional Design Challenges

Traditionally, dual SCART devices require +5V and +12V supply voltages. Video signals operate from the +5V supply; audio and slow-switching signals operate from the +12V supply. Traditional solutions can thus consume up to 660mW of operating power.

In the past, power consumption was only a secondary consideration for set-top box and A/V receiver applications. Today, however, under increasing pressure from governmental agencies and consumers to "go green," set-top box manufacturers are looking for ways to drastically reduce the amount of power their boxes consume. Designed to satisfy emerging power-consumption guidelines, the MAX9598 makes it much easier to implement green set-top box applications.

Industry's Lowest Power, Dual SCART Solution

While competing dual SCART devices require +5V and +12V supplies, the MAX9598 operates audio and video circuitry from +3.3V and only requires +12V for the slow-switching signal. An internal charge pump inverts the +3.3V supply and generates a -3.3V supply, thereby providing sufficient voltage swing to support 2.0VRMS audio. Combined with the device's low operating current, this low-voltage operation drastically reduces power consumption. Consuming only 70mW of quiescent power, MAX9598 requires 9x less power than a typical 660mW solution.

Additionally, the MAX9598's integrated input-video-signal and video-load detection circuitry allows system designers to intelligently reduce power consumption for their entire system, depending on the situation. The load-detection circuitry can notify the main system controller that a SCART connector has been plugged in or unplugged. If a video load is absent, the system designer may want to put the entire set-top box into a standby mode. Also, if an input video signal is not present, the MAX9598's output amplifiers can be shut down to conserve power.

DirectDrive Audio Circuitry Suppresses Clicks and Pops

Conventional audio-line output drivers that operate from a single supply require series AC-coupling capacitors. During power-up, the DC bias on the AC-coupling capacitor moves from ground to a positive voltage. During power-down, the opposite occurs. The changing DC bias usually causes an audible transient, typically referred to as a "click" or "pop."

To suppress this click-and-pop noise, the MAX9598 integrates Maxim's patented, DirectDrive audio circuitry. With DirectDrive, the DC bias of the audio-line outputs is always at ground, regardless of whether the MAX9598 is being powered up or powered down. DirectDrive circuitry eliminates the need for AC-coupling capacitors on the audio outputs, thereby conserving board space, reducing system cost, and improving frequency response.

Summary of Key Features
o 70mW quiescent power consumption
o Consumes 1.7mW in low-power mode and 0.1mW in shutdown mode
o DirectDrive audio technology suppresses clicks and pops
o Input-video-signal and video-load detection
o Video reconstruction filter with 10MHz passband and 52dB attenuation at 27MHz

The MAX9598 operates from standard +3.3V and +12V power supplies. Available in a compact, 6mm x 6mm, 40-pin TQFN package, this device is fully specified over the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range. Prices start at $1.50 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Samples and evaluation kits are available now. For more information please visit: http://www.maxim-ic.com/Dual-SCART

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*U.S. Patent 7,061,327.

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