Dual Sandwich Detectors are available in three types.

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Suited for optical remote temperature measurements, products are independent of emissivity and unaffected by moving targets or contaminants in field of view. Compact, hermetically sealed, 2-color photodiodes feature spectral range of 400-1,800 nm and are available in 3 types: Silicon-Silicon, where one photodiode is stacked on other; Silicon-InGaAs, where bottom photodiode is made of InGaAs; and Silicon-InGaAs with 2-stage thermo-electric cooler.

Original Press Release:

UDT Sensors' New Dual Sandwich Detector Series

Hawthorne, CA - July 16, 2003 - UDT Sensors, Inc., a subsidiary of OSI Systems (Nasdaq: OSIS), announces a new series of three dual sandwich detectors. These two-color photodiodes are compact, hermetically sealed and feature low noise and extremely wide spectral range (400 nm-1800 nm). Specified temperatures are measured by taking the ratio of radiation intensities of two adjacent wavelengths and comparing them with the standard black body radiation curves. Ideal for optical remote temperature measurements, the sandwich detectors are independent of emissivity, and unaffected by moving targets or contaminants in the field of view.

The various types of dual sandwich detectors are the Silicon-Silicon (one photodiode is stacked upon the other), the Silicon-InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) version which extends the wavelength (the bottom photodiode is made of InGaAs), and the Silicon-InGaAs which also comes with a two-stage TEC (thermo-electric cooler) for stabilized, extremely accurate measurements. Applications for UDT's new detector series include flame temperature sensing, spectrophotometry, dual wavelength detection, and IR (infrared) temperature monitoring for heat treating, induction heating, and process monitoring of other metal parts.

Based in Hawthorne, California, UDT Sensors is a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc. As the oldest and largest manufacturer of standard and custom photodetectors in the United States, UDT Sensors leads the optoelectronic industry in design, engineering and production of detectors, high-performance components and sub-assemblies. For more information about UDT Sensors, please visit: www.udt.com

OSI Systems, Inc. is a diversified, global developer and distributor of optoelectronics for OEM manufacturing, the security, medical, and fiber optics markets. For additional information about OSI Systems, Inc. and subsidiaries, please visit: www.osisystems.com

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