Dual Sampling ADCs offer high resolution and throughput.

Press Release Summary:

Optimized for low-noise applications, ADSD-1420S and ADSD-1420EX are functionally complete, 14-bit resolution modules that provide 20 MSPS sampling rate and have no missing codes over full temperature range. Both dual-channel, 20 MHz models offer multiple functions in single package and are suited for time and frequency-domain applications.

Original Press Release:

C&D Announces the ADSD-1420S & EX Dual Sampling A/D Converters

The Power Electronics Division of C&D Technologies has added the ADSD-1420S and ADSD-1420EX to its range of dual sampling A/D converters. The functionally complete 14-Bit resolution modules provide a 20 mega samples per second (MSPS) sampling rate and no missing codes over their full temperature range.

Functionally complete design
Optimised for low-noise applications
No missing codes over full temperature range
Ideal for both time and frequency-domain applications

Why would I specify the ADSD-1420S & EX?
Because you are looking for DUAL channel 20 MHz 14 Bit A/D (fast throughput and high resolution)
For low noise applications

What are the benefits of the product name?
The ADSD-1420S & EX offers multi-functions in a single package
Perfect for low noise applications
Superior DNL, INL, SNR and low power
Density & efficiency/competitive pricing
Full data is available for the ADSD-1420S & EX on our website

Bob Costa
Product Manager
C&D Technologies, Inc. - Power Electronics Division


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