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Dual-Range Electrical Dataloggers afford application flexibility.

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Dual-Range Electrical Dataloggers afford application flexibility.

Mar 07, 2014 - Accsense Electrocorder model EC-3A consists of single- and 3-phase current datalogger that covers 4 Aac to 3 kAac range via 2 user-selectable current ranges: 4–400 Aac and 20 Aac to 3 kAac. Also featuring 3 current channels, Accsense Electrocorder model CT-3A is single- and 3-phase current datalogger that covers 0.5–400 Aac range via 2 user-selectable current ranges: 0.5–40 Aac and 4–400 Aac. Both models promote versatility when performing range of electrical work.

Original Press Release

Accsense Electrocorder Introduces New Range-Selectable Models

Press release date: Mar 05, 2014

Dual-Range Electrical Data Loggers Expand Users’ Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we’ve added new range-selectable Accsense Electrocorder models to expand their flexibility and application uses. Two of these models are already available, with a third shipping soon. The beauty of these new dual-range products is that just one data logger and one set of coils offers customers a vast current range and great versatility when it comes to doing a wide range of electrical work.

Our EC-3A Single and Three-Phase Current Data Logger now covers the current range of 4Aac-3kAac (as will the upcoming EC-7VAR Three-Phase Voltage and Current Logger, shipping soon).

Our CT-3A Single and Three-Phase Current Logger now covers the current range of 0.5Aac-400Aac.

These data loggers are just a small selection of available Accsense Electrocorder products that can be used for energy assessments. For more information on our other products visit our website at

The EC-3A has three current channels complete with two user-selectable current ranges: 4Aac to 400Aac and 20Aac to 3kAac.

If you need lower current ranges down to 0.5Aac, the CT-3A has three current channels complete with two user-selectable current ranges: 0.5Aac to 40Aac and 4Aac to 400Aac.

The upcoming dual-range model of the EC-7VAR has three current channels complete with two user-selectable current ranges of 4Aac to 400Aac and of 20Aac to 3kAac.

Are you or your customers faced with any of the following questions or issues?
1. Performing load surveys for expansion?
2. Finding ways to save on electricity bills?
3. Identifying malfunctioning electrical equipment?
4. Considering voltage optimization or submetering to reduce energy use?

EC-7VAR: The Energy Recorder
Are you considering an energy assessment or audit? You could settle for just taking your bills at face value, but what areas are actually driving up your energy costs? In order to find out you need more detailed facts. Day to day more and more people need this information. With the rising cost of electricity and growing pressure to cut carbon emissions, saving energy is high on the agenda for most organizations.

The EC-7VAR data logger records voltage, current and power factor. It logs voltage up to 500Vac and loads up to 3kAac (model dependent).

“Great little machine. It has proved to be an eye-opener for a lot of customers and shown some serious loading issues. Even when our customers bury their head in the sand, they can’t dispute the facts!”
--H. Rose, Electrical Supervisor, on the EC-7VAR Three-Phase Voltage Current (and Power Factor) data logger.

As an application example, energy analysts often use name plate or the published rating for machines, but this can be wildly inaccurate--the equipment may not often be running on full load and is generally using less energy than assumed. Additionally, some machines use more energy as they age, which can also indicate the need for maintenance before a sudden breakdown occurs.

For more information on Accsense Electrocorder products which log, store and analyze several types of electrical data, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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