Dual Pressure Sensor measures absolute/differential sources.

Press Release Summary:

Comprised of 2 independent sensors in one PCB-mountable package, RoHS-compliant BDS (Basic Dual Sensor) Series can simultaneously measure absolute and differential pressure sources. Package has 2 pressure ports that are balanced to optimize common mode response and compatible with Honeywell SCC or N-Package and Motorola MPX devices. Available with basic millivolt output, series reduces output offset and temperature errors via electrically cross coupled sensing elements.

Original Press Release:

New Basic Dual Pressure Sensor

The BDS (Basic Dual Sensor) Series Pressure Sensor is comprised of two independent sensors in a single package. This device is capable of measuring both an absolute and differential pressure source. This marks an industry first for the pressure sensor market. For the first time an engineer can obtain an absolute and differential pressure reading simultaneously from one device. By combining the functionality of two devices into one, physical space is spared on the customer's PC board resulting in minimal pneumatic and mechanical difficulties. The BDS Series Pressure Sensor is RoHS compliant.

Package Features
The sensors are offered in a pc board mountable package with two pressure ports. Port volumes have been balanced to improve common mode response. This package is designed for high common mode pressure. This device can accommodate high burst pressure for extended dynamic range capability. Ports are compatible with Honeywell SCC or N-Package and Motorola MPX devices.

Electrical Features
The sensors are available with a basic millivolt output. Output offset and temperature errors are significantly reduced by electrically cross coupled sensing elements. Absolute and differential pressure outputs are provided simultaneously.

Ideal applications for this device industrial and medical flow applications with high turndown ratio requirements. Custom pressure ranges available upon request.

Contact factory for price. Samples are available for product testing.

For more information please visit Basic Dual Pressure Sensors

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