Dual-Pinion Drive suits precision rack and pinion applications.

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Intended as alternative to ball screws for precision rack and pinion applications, PDP (Preloaded Double Pinion) is comprised of 2 ground WMH pinions connected through preload system to minimize mesh backlash. Included gear teeth precisely mesh with one another when coupling is engaged, and design promotes positioning accuracy as well as repeatability of less than 0.1 mm. Input speed reaches 1,200 rpm, and max acceleration torque and nominal torque range from 1,000-2,840 Nm.

Original Press Release:

PDP: a New Concept in Drive Engineering

The new PDP is a cost effective solution for high precision rack and pinion applications. PDP is a competitive alternative to ball screws with superior performances. PDP is the first range of »Preloaded Double Pinion» for high-precision rack and pinions applications. It means that PDP is made of 2 ground WMH pinions connected through a patented preload system to reduce dramatically rack and pinion mesh backlash. It includes gear teeth that precisely mesh with one another when the coupling is engaged. PDP innovative concept allows high positioning accuracy and repeatability with a very competitive budget. For many applications, it eliminates the need of two coupled planetary reducers. Mounted at the output flange of SRP, REDEX ANDANTEX´ high-tech planetary gearhead, the PDP is set apart by its performance level: - Superior precision and repeatability of less than 0,1 mm - Superior torsional rigidity, and extremely high radial rigidity and tilting moment levels. The real difference is to be found in what is in fact much more important for the user, i.e. the combined rigidity. On the basis of this criterion, the sub-assembly SRP + PDP is between 10 and 20% superior to the equivalent units available on the market. - A high input speed (up to 1,200 rpm). - Maximum acceleration torque and nominal torque (from 1,000 to 2,840 Nm). Through its universal design, the PDP enables design engineering departments to always find exactly the right solution to their high-technology requirements, thanks to the very wide range and the numerous options available when mounted on SRP: - 4 different modules with straight or helical teeth - 8 reduction ratios - Angle drive versions available in all the sizes - Full solutions with reducer + pinion + rack available in all the sizes (2 output pinion diameters available for each size). The input interface is available throughout the range in an in-line flange version or with a 90° angle (associated with a high-quality angle drive). PDP is the ideal solution for demanding applications: woodworking machines, CNC routers, high-precision assembly machines and machine-tools... REDEX ANDANTEX, headquartered in Ferrieres, France, employs 320 persons and has three production sites in Europe and North America (Andantex USA). More than 75% of sales are generated outside France. Technological progress, a commitment to quality and exceptional technical support are the fundamental values of REDEX ANDANTEX. ANDANTEX USA Inc. 1705 Valley Road Wanamassa, NJ 07712 USA BRADLEY Bruce Phone: + 1 (800) 713 6170 Fax: + 1 (732) 493 2949 info@andantex.com REDEX SA ZI - BP 79 F-45210 Ferrières France FOURTUNE Claude Phone: 06 72 14 58 78/02 38 94 42 62 Fax: +33 2 38 94 42 99 cfourtune@redex.fr

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