Dual Op Amp operates from -55 to +225°C.

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Designed to meet environmental constraints of sensors in automotive, industrial, and general Hi-Rel applications, CHT-OPAL features low input offset of 50 µV, low noise of 5 µVpp, and single +5 V ±10% power supply. Operational amplifier is available in TDFP surface mount, hermetically sealed ceramic package with 5 x 5.5 mm footprint. Typical applications include gas sensors, boilers, flame detectors, and strain gauge amplifiers as well as temperature, pressure, and position sensors.

Original Press Release:

CISSOID Sets a New Standard for High Temperature Sensors with OPAL, a High-Precision Dual Op Amp for up to 175°C and 225°C Applications

Nuremberg, Germany, SENSOR+TEST 2013 exhibition, CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions, introduces OPAL, the only high precision operational amplifier guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C.

OPAL is a dual Op Amp specifically designed to meet the toughest environmental constraints of sensors in automotive, industrial and general High Reliability applications such as aeronautics, military and down-hole tools (Oil&Gas) electronics. Key features include low input offset (50µV typ.), low noise (5 µVpp typ.) and single +5V ±10% power supply.

A first product flavor now available is CHT-OPAL, guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C. It is available in a thin dual flat pack (TDFP) surface mount, hermetically sealed ceramic package, with footprint of only 5 x 5.5mm. A second product flavor will be available in the coming weeks, the CMT-OPAL, with a maximum temperature of +175°C. Packaged in a Plastic SOIC16, it brings a cost-optimized solution for 175°C max requirements, while taking full advantage of CISSOID’ best-in-class lifetime en reliability features. A TSSOP16 flavor will also be available upon request for applications where component size must be minimized. 

Jean-Christophe Doucet, VP of Marketing at CISSOID commented: “We are seeing an increasing demand for reliable, high-temperature signal conditioning  solutions, in a number of sensing applications in automotive and industrial markets among others.  Our goal is to simplify the sensor architectures, in particular using simpler – and lower cost – cables and harnessing while keeping the complex signal processing remote (i.e. outside the “hot” zone where the sensor is). With OPAL, CISSOID brings a solution of choice: placing the upfront signal amplification block within the sensor itself. None of the existing integrated solutions were satisfactory so far, as the performance and lifetime were too limited. CISSOID now brings  the performance up and the cost down, opening a wide new field of possibilities to its customers”.

Typical applications include gas sensors (e.g. EGR valves in automotive), boilers, flame detectors, temperature, pressure and  position sensors, strain gage amplifiers, photodiode and PMT amplifiers, but also transmitters (e.g. 4-20mA...)

A product datasheet is available now from CISSOID’s website (OPAL datasheet). CHT-OPAL can be ordered for sampling and evaluation under the part number CHT-GEM6489A -TDFP16-T. Pricing starts at 122.00 Euros for 51 to 200 units.

CMT-OPAL will be available under the part number CMT-GEM6489A-PSOIC16-T, priced at 3.56 Euros for 25k units. Under request, tiny TSSOP can also be provided for miniaturization. For more information, visit www.cissoid.com or contact the company's representatives at www.cissoid.com/company/about-us/contacts.html.

About Cissoid - www.cissoid.com

CISSOID is the leader in high temperature semiconductor solutions, delivering standard products and custom solutions for power management, power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperature and harsh environments. CISSOID provides high reliability products guaranteed from -55°C to +225°C and commonly used outside that range, from cryogenic lows to upper extremes.

Whether the ambient temperature is low but the power dissipation heats up the chips, or in high temperature environments, CISSOID products enable energy, weight and cost savings in lighter, cooling-free and more compact electronic systems. They are used in mission-critical systems as well as in applications requiring long term reliability. CISSOID supplies leaders in the Oil&Gas, Aeronautics, Industrial and Automotive markets.

Press Contact:

Jean-Christophe Doucet

E-mail : doucet@cissoid.com

Tel. : +32 10 48 92 10

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