Dual-Drive Pulley System suits bulk conveyor operations.

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Motorized, head-pulley/tail-pulley system features self-lubricating gearbox and enclosed drive design, which eliminates pinch points that can cause personal injury. Pulley diameters range from 8.5-31.5 in. with powers ranging from 0.5-180 hp. Motorized pulleys are hermetically sealed and all internal electro-mechanical components run in continuous oil bath.

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Rulmeca's Dual Drive Pulley System Delivers Safer Solution, Space-Saving

WILMINGTON, N.C. (February 3, 2004) -Rulmeca Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of motorized pulleys for bulk handling, is highlighting the benefits of a motorized head pulley-tail pulley system. By utilizing this "dual drive" concept, conveyor drive power can be supplied by two pulleys enabling a smaller internal motor and gearbox at each end and thereby minimizing conveyor drive size and weight.

The hermetically sealed enclosure increases system reliability while the self-lubricating gearbox design reduces costly maintenance expense. Operator safety is improved by the unit's "dead shaft" and enclosed drive design that eliminates pinch points that can cause personal injury.

Because of Rulmeca's efficient dual drive design, the conveyor footprint can be reduced significantly while delivering the same amount of power and the drive weight can be distributed more evenly with the conveyor frame. "The dual drive concept allows those in the aggregate industry to have a conveyor drive option that meets their space and weight requirements in two segments," said Rulmeca Corp. President, Mike Gawinski.

Applications include all bulk conveyor operations. Rulmeca motorized pulleys come in a variety of standard dimensions and options to be customized depending on application. Pulley diameters range from 8.5" to 31.5" with powers ranging from 0.5 to 180 HP. Maintenance is minimal, requiring an oil change only every 10,000 operating hours or five years of single shift operation.

Rumeca motorized pulleys are hermetically sealed and all internal electro-mechanical components run in a continuous oil bath. This results in lubrication of all moving parts, motor cooling, and reduced conveyor drive noise. In applications where material abrasiveness is an issue, the regreasable seal option will protect oil seals from premature wear.

For more information about Rulmeca Corporation, please contact Mike Gawinski at 910-794-9294; or fax 910-794-9296; or write RULMECA Corporation at 6740-E Netherlands Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405; or visit www.rulmecacorp.com.

Rulmeca Corporation, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, was established in 2003 to serve the North American bulk materials handling industry. The Rulmeca Group manufactures motorized pulleys and conveyor idlers for mining, processing, and transporting bulk materials such as taconite ore, phosphate rock, C&D debris, granite, and limestone. Rulmeca production facilities are located in Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Venezuela, and Thailand.

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