Dual Channel Filter Module is suited for OEMs.

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Low-pass filter module AAF-2Fe provides 2 channels of noise reduction and anti-alias filtering that is tunable to bandwidths from 0.1-200 kHz. Compatible with 8, 12, and 16-bit A/D modules and boards, product incorporates features such as differential instrumentation gain, factory set to specification from 1x-10000x; true minimal 1.5 Vm or better DC offset; and +10 V input and output range. Output impedance is less than 0.001 ohms, and common mode rejection is 90-110 dB.

Original Press Release:

New 2-Channel OEM Low-Pass Filter Module Is Next Step In Filter Evolution

COSTA MESA, CA (July 16, 2003) - Alligator Technologies, a leading supplier of data acquisition and sensor signal conditioning, today introduced its latest anti-aliasing low-pass filter module, the AAF-2Fe. The AAF-2Fe is a 2-channel filter module designed for superior noise reduction and anti-alias filtering that preserves the signal integrity of analog measurements found in process control, sound and vibration testing, ultrasonics, acoustics, structural analysis, industrial, test, scientific and laboratory data collection applications.

Compatible with all 8, 12, and 16-bit A/D modules and boards, the plug-in daughter board is designed by a company whose expertise is solely high performance filtering. As a result, the AAF-2Fe incorporates many user-demanded features such as differential instrumentation gain factory set to specification from 1x to 10000x, a true (not software compensated) minimal 1.5Vm or better DC offset while providing an extremely accurate unity gain, and a + 10V input and output range that is double the range of most competitors, and a wide selection of filter characteristics (Butterworth, Bessel, Cauer or Linear Phase) selectable to any corner frequency within the maximum filter bandwidth.

When used with Alligator Technologies' AAF-3PCI and other filter boards, the AAF-2Fe provides the exceptional features needed to meet the complex and rigorous requirements of analog data collection. As an OEM module, the AAF-2Fe can be plugged into any engineer's A/D or D/A circuit to ensure the same superior signal integrity for custom circuits.

Each module provides 2 channels of Butterworth, Bessel, Cauer or Linear Phase filters tunable to a variety of bandwidths from 0.1Hz to 200kHz. Its output impedance is less than 0.001Ohms making it compatible to all popular PCI-based or stand-alone A/D converters. Common mode rejection is excellent at 90dB to 110 dB. The Input and output range is up to ±10Volts while gain accuracy is ±0.001dB@1kHz. Both gain and DC offsets are factory calibrated.

Pricing and Availability

Available from stock to two weeks ARO, the AAF-2Fe is priced at $395 with significant OEM and multiple-unit discounts available. As with all Alligator Technologies units, the AAF-2Fe carries a one-year limited factory warranty. A direct link to the product specification sheet can be found at the following address: www.alligatortech.com/Downloads/DAA/AAF-2F_data_sheet.PDF.

More Company Information

Founded in 1984, Alligator Technologies has been developing an expanding line of filter and amplifier cards since 1991. The company's current product line also includes the SCS-800 high performance portable or rack mount signal conditioning system with special function adapters for strain gauge, accelerometer, RTD, thermocouple, 0-20mA devices, accelerometer and piezo-bridge sensors. For more information about the AAF-3PCI or about other products from Alligator Technologies, customers should contact Robert Galter, Alligator Technologies, 2183 Fairview, Suite 220 Costa Mesa 92627. Tel: 949-515-1400. E-mail: rgalter@alligatortech.com or visit www.alligatortech.com.

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