Dual-Axis Linear Stepper Motors enable precise positioning.

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Suited for open loop positioning applications requiring 2 axis of motion in one plane, dual axis linear stepper motors offer speeds up to 80 ips and strokes up to 20 x 30 in. Moving assembly (forcer) is supported by embedded, magnetically preloaded air bearings, which support payload and maintain 0.0005–0.0010 in. gap between platen and forcer. Respectively, full step values are 0.010 and 0.005 in. for 2- and 4-phase motors. With micro-stepping, resolutions of 0.5–1 micron are achievable.

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Dual Axis Linear Stepper Motors

H2W Technologies’ dual axis linear stepper motors are ideal for open loop positioning applications requiring 2 axis of motion in a single plane.  They can perform at speeds of up to 80 in/sec [2 m/sec and strokes of up to 20 in x 30 in [0.5 m x 0.75 m.  Linear stepper motors are capable of very precise position, velocity, and acceleration control when coupled with a micro-stepping drive and indexer.

The moving assembly called the “forcer” is supported by magnetically preloaded air bearings that are imbedded in the active surface of the forcer.  The bearings are designed to support the customer’s payload and to maintain the required 0.0005 in to 0.0010 in [12 to 25 micron gap between the platen and the forcer.

The step and direction signal for each axis comes from two separate micro-stepping drives (2 or 4 phase).  A 2 axis indexer is required to send step and direction signals to the drivers.  For 2 phase motors, the full step is 0.010 in [250 microns and for 4 phase motors the full step is 0.005 in [125 microns.  With micro-stepping, resolutions in the order of 0.5 to 1 micron are achievable.

The dual axis linear stepper motor is a complete 2 axis, single plane air bearing positioning system with the motor, the bearings, and the positioning system all built into one compact package.  Integrating linear encoders with the stepper motor allows for a hybrid, closed loop positioning system.


• Low profile and small cross section

• High Speed

• No servo tuning required

• Multiple forcers on a single platen


• Pick and Place

• Wire bonders

• Parts transfer

• Fiber optic

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