Dual-Axis Controller powers servo devices.

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FireBlox® miniature servo amplifier and controller, based upon SmartServo® architecture, provides digital and analog I/O and offers method for controlling auxiliary axes such as servo-grippers, Z-Theta heads, and servo-pumps. FireWire®-based high-speed control bus replaces hundreds of wires and connections with single cable. FireWire connectivity to PC lays groundwork for real-time open architecture controls while maintaining safety required in industrial environments.

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Adept Technology Introduces Miniature Dual-Axis Controller for Servo Motors

New Adept FireBlox(TM) Dual-Axis Servo Amplifier and Controller Designed to Reduce Wiring, Lower Costs and Improve Reliability

Livermore, California - May 28, 2003 - Adept Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: ADTK.OB), a leading manufacturer of flexible automation for the semiconductor, electronics, fiber optic, telecommunications, and life sciences industries, today announced the release of the Adept FireBlox(TM), a miniature dual-axis servo amplifier and controller. The Adept FireBlox is based upon the Adept SmartServo(TM) architecture and is designed to power and control multi-axis servo devices. Based on the Adept SmartServo architecture, the new product is designed to reduce wiring, lower costs and improve reliability for motion control applications.

"Adept FireBlox is the latest example of how Adept Technology continues to lead the market for distributed motion control," said Charlie Duncheon, executive vice president of Adept Technology. "Customers are demanding smaller packaging and miniaturization in everything, including the motion control systems. Our goal is to make motion control physically transparent and easy to integrate into the machine to reduce size and cost. The high-density electronics used in Adept FireBlox yields a product roughly the size of a deck of playing cards, that can be placed at the point of use - right next to the servo motors."

Adept FireBlox offers a convenient and economical method for controlling auxiliary axes such as servo-grippers, Z-Theta heads, servo-pumps, and other motion control devices. In addition to servo control, the Adept FireBlox provides digital and analog I/O for maximum versatility. Combining FireBlox with other AdeptMotion(TM) products such as Adept SmartModules(TM) linear mechanisms, Adept Cobra(TM) SCARA robots, AdeptSix(TM) articulated robots, Adept Servo Kits(TM) and Adept SmartMotion(TM) axes, customers can now obtain all of their servo control components from one vendor, ensuring compatibility and reducing risk.

The Adept Fireblox(TM) and Adept SmartServo(TM) architecture use a FireWire®-based (IEEE-1394) high-speed control bus, which replaces hundreds of wires and connections with a single cable, reduces costs, increases reliability and simplifies installation. Additionally, FireWire connectivity to the PC lays the groundwork for real-time open architecture controls while maintaining the reliability and safety required in industrial environments.

Adept Technology designs, manufactures and markets factory automation components and systems for the fiber optic, telecommunications, semiconductor, automotive, food and durable goods industries throughout the world. Adept's robots, controllers, and software products are used for small parts assembly, material handling and ultra precision process applications. Our intelligent automation product lines include industrial robots, configurable linear modules, flexible feeders, semiconductor process components, nanopositioners, machine controllers for robot mechanisms and other flexible automation equipment, machine vision, systems and software, application software, and simulation software. Founded in 1983, Adept is America's largest manufacturer of industrial robots. More information is available at www.adept.com.

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