Dual-Axis Averager targets rotary applications.

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Programmable Mercury(TM) 3000Si is comprised of two 8.4 mm tall Mercury(TM) encoder sensors, SmartSignal(TM) dual-interpolator module, and rotary glass scale. System eliminates eccentricity errors through advanced signal-averaging algorithm. Processing and programmable interpolation to x1024 occur within unit's FPGA. Serial word interface allows operation up to 0.08 arc-sec at 1,300 rpm. Bi-directional optical index signal is repeatable to encoder's resolution.

Original Press Release:

MicroE Systems' Mercury(TM) 3000Si Dual Axis Averager Delivers Unsurpassed Accuracy in Rotary Applications

Contact: William Manning
508 903 5000
Marketing Communications Manager

February March 24, 2005, Natick MA
MicroE Systems has announced a programmable Dual Axis Averager for rotary applications requiring the highest position accuracy at high operating speeds. Mercury(TM) 3000Si Dual Axis Averager is comprised of two 8.4mm tall high-performance Mercury(TM) encoder sensors, a SmartSignal(TM) dual-interpolator module and a rotary glass scale. The system eliminates eccentricity errors through an advanced signal-averaging algorithm. Processing and programmable interpolation to x1024 occur within the unit's FPGA.

The high-speed serial word interface allows operation at maximum resolution and maximum rotational speed: up to 16.8M CPR (0.08 arc-sec) at 1300 RPM. This is many times faster than standard A-quad-B output. The bi-directional optical index signal is repeatable to the encoder's resolution.

The system is ideal for precision rotary tables and actuators and high performance laser beam steering applications, such as marking, drilling, welding and cutting. It is also ideal for exotic rotary applications like long range, high magnification surveillance systems. Other applications include the accurate centering of rotary scales during motion system setup.

The Mercury(TM) 3000Si Dual Axis Averager features LED indicators for instrument-free sensor alignment. Users can align both sensors in under 60 seconds. Gain and phase correction are optimized automatically.

Additional advanced features include a Dual Axis Averager version of SmartSignal(TM) software. It provides digital readouts and robust programmable features, including multiple index modes, output channel configurations and serial word interface settings.

Contact the company for availability and pricing.

The Mercury(TM) 3000 Dual Axis Averager is the newest model in the industry-leading Mercury(TM) encoder family. The Mercury(TM) product line includes 21 models in programmable, digital, analog, and vacuum compatible styles, all with available SmartSignal(TM) software. The company also manufacturers the ChipEncoder(TM) digital encoder family. At 6mm square, ChipEncoder(TM) is the smallest high performance optical encoder in the industry. MicroE Systems is a leader in encoder innovation and the newest division of GSI Lumonics.

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