DSP Board eases deployment of switched fabric networks.

Press Release Summary:

PowerPC-based 6U VME64x Board, Manta QX3, features on-board support for StarFabric point-to-point, switched backplane and chassis-to-chassis interconnect fabric. It includes quad 1 GHz PowerPC 7457 processors, each with 512 Kb of L2 cache and 2 Mb backside L3 cache. Delivering sustained data rates exceeding 400 Mbytes/sec, air-cooled Manta QX3 offers range of memory options including 512 Mb, 1 Gb, or 2 Gb of DDR SDRAM with ECC protection.

Original Press Release:

New Quad PowerPC DSP VME64x Engine Features On-Board StarFabric Switched Serial Fabric Support

San Diego, CA August 15, 2005 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has debuted a new quad PowerPC-based 6U VME64x board that delivers high performance digital signal processing (DSP) and eases the deployment of high performance switched fabric networks with on-board support for StarFabric, a highly flexible, point-to-point, switched backplane and chassis-to-chassis interconnect fabric.

The new Manta QX3 features quad 1 GHz PowerPC 7457 processors tightly-coupled in a shared memory architecture. When used in conjunction with symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capable operating systems, such as Linux, the Manta QX3 enables software-transparent performance scaling while the operating system distributes tasks across multiple processors. The Manta QX3 also provides a high-speed StarFabric interface, a feature that is standard across Curtiss-Wright's entire multi-processor product line. While delivering sustained data rates exceeding 400Mbytes/sec, the Manta QX3 integrates with Curtiss-Wright's comprehensive family of StarFabric-enabled products including single board computers, PMC carriers, backplane overlay modules and switching modules.

"The Manta QX3 strengthens our portfolio of high-density multi-processor products, said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Modular Solutions, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing. "Its SMP architecture and richer I/O set complement our CHAMP family of independent node boards while providing our customers with a range of options to precisely match their system needs."

The Manta QX3 also provides a wide range of memory options including 512 MB, 1GB, or 2GB of DDR SDRAM with ECC protection. Each of the board's 7457 CPUs is supported by up to three levels of enhanced cache memory. Integrated into each CPU's core is 512 KB of L2 cache which operates at speeds matching the processor's frequency. Each 7457 CPU also provides up to 2 MB of backside L3 cache and can be optionally configured with 2 MB of private memory which functions as a high-speed "scratch pad".

This air-cooled VME64x board is offered in a range of ruggedization levels, spanning from commercial to extended temperature versions qualified for elevated shock and vibration environments. A conduction-cooled version of the Manta QX3, supporting card-edge temperatures of -40°C to +85°C, is also planned.

The Manta QX3 supports its quad 7457 processors with an on-board Discovery III advanced system/memory controller. The Discovery III integrates fast memory, dual PCI buses with PCI-X support, and abundant I/O functionality, all routed through a high-bandwidth crossbar.

Key Manta QX3 features:
o Quad 1 GHz PowerPC 7457 (733 MHz version also available)
o Up to 2GB DDR SDRAM with ECC
o 2 MB L3 cache per CPU
o 64MB Boot Flash with write protection
o 1 GB Flash (NAND) (optional)
o 128KB NVRAM (clock/calendar)
o One 64-bit, 133MHz PMC site
o Two StarFabric interfaces, 5Gbps total full duplex
o Two Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports
o Four RS-232 ports
o Two RS-422/485 ports
o Dual IEEE 1394a (FireWire) ports (optional)

Software Support
Curtiss-Wright offers extensive software support for the Manta QX3 including board support packages for VxWorks, INTEGRITY and Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Linux. The Manta QX3 ships with STAR/ASTRix boot, diagnostic, and system monitor firmware. The onboard firmware also features user customizable power-up and built in test capabilities.

For DSP applications, Curtiss-Wright offers its extensible DSP Math Library, hand-coded and optimized for the PowerPC and Altivec technologies, as well as Global Buffer Management software (GBM) to facilitate programming of fabric based system applications.

The Manta QX3 complements Curtiss-Wright's wide range of VME Single Board Computers, Digital Signal Processors, Graphics and Communications and I/O products. For more information about Curtiss-Wright's embedded computing solutions please visit www.cwcembedded.com.

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