DSM Somos® DMX-SLT 100 Draws a Crowd at TCT's Rapid Product Development and Manufacturing Event

Six months after its market introduction, DSM Somos' high-impact SL resin innovation, DMX-SL 100 is still drawing crowds-this time at Time Compression Technologies' UK Rapid Product Development and Rapid Manufacturing Event, held on September 26-27. With over 2,000 worldwide visitors and more than 100 exhibits, the show is now considered the United Kingdom's leading conference and exhibition for product design and manufacturing innovation technologies. Many came to this year's event to learn more about the Somos "X" Factor. "What makes DMX-SL so exciting to engineers is the extreme durability of the parts it creates," says Somos Marketing Manager Eva Montgomery. "With as much as four times the impact strength of typical "ABS-like" stereolithography resins, this marks the first time an SL material has been able to match the durability of sintered resins in many applications while still offering SL accuracy and detail resolution." DMX-SL 100's unique performance is due to an innovative chemistry platform which produces SL resins that are stiff yet bendable, making them highly suitable for secondary finishing. DMX-SL parts also feature exceptional toughness, high tensile modulus (2000-2400 MPa), and yield characteristics that mimic thermoplastic materials-performance features that many agree brings stereolithography one step closer to direct manufacturing. "Other RP technologies that utilize molten or sintered thermoplastics have traditionally been chosen for direct manufacturing when part durability was critical, but with a sacrifice in part aesthetics or dimensional consistency," says Somos Marketing Manager Eva Montgomery. "With DMX-SL, RP users can now have custom-built parts that are durable, accurate and have excellent detail." DMX-SL is currently available through rapid prototyping companies throughout the United States and Europe. In Europe: Alphaform (www.alphaform100.de), with locations in U.K and Germany; Cresilas (www.cresilas.fr) in France; Groupe Erpro (www.erpro.fr) in France; Gerg Rapid Prototyping GmbH (www.gerg.de) in Germany; Materialise NV (www.materialise.com) in Belgium; and Prototal AB (www.prototal.se) in Sweden. To learn more about purchasing Somos stereolithography materials directly from DSM Somos, contact their North American Sales Office at: +1-847-468-7809 (or +1-800-222-7189 within the U.S. or Canada) or visit www.dsmsomos.com. About DSM Somos® DSM Somos (www.dsmsomos.com) is one of the world's leading material suppliers to the rapid prototyping industry, providing stereolithography liquids used for the creation of three-dimensional models and prototypes directly from digital data. Somos' patented ProtoFunctional® materials are used by a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical and telecommunications. Somos' corporate office is located at: 1122 St. Charles Street, Elgin, IL 60120 (Tel. +1-847-697-0400), Americas@dsmsomos.info. For more information on DSM Somos® in Europe: Tel. +49-172-244-0180, Europe@dsmsomos.info. DSM Somos Contact: Eva Montgomery, Tel. +1 847-468-7741; eva.montgomery@dsm.com DSM Somos is an unincorporated subsidiary of DSM Desotech-a world leader in the development of UV-curable materials-and a member of the global DSM family. More information about these companies can be found at www.dsmdesotech.com and www.dsm.com. Nanette Gregory J4 Communications 407-432-7706

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