Dryer Master's DM510E a Hit with Customers

Waterloo, Ont. - When Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO), a division of Global Industries, Inc. was looking for a partner to allow them to offer a top of the line moisture control system for their Continuous Flow Grain Dryers, they found none better than Dryer Master and their DM510E.

Dryer Master, one of the leaders in North America in moisture measurement and moisture control technology, offered the DM510E exclusively to NECO for use by its customers starting in 2011, and the results more than met customers' expectations.

"We wanted a moisture control system that would meet our customers' needs," said Travis Toline, the Engineering Manager at NECO, located in Omaha, Neb., and an industry leader in the production of quality grain drying, handling and conditioning equipment. "We'd heard about (Dryer Master) and after working with them to understand the features and benefits of the DM510E it was apparent that this was the best way to go for our business needs."

The biggest advantage of the DM510E is that it's a two-sensor system that controls based off of the dryer inlet moisture. The control develops a model for the moisture throughout the dryer, and controls what's coming out of the dryer based on what going in.

It compensates for changes in conditions and optimizes the model to provide a quality drying experience.

"Our customers can have more worry-free drying, and more product on target," Toline said. "The customer feedback has been very positive."

Toline said he's been very impressed with Dryer Master's level of professionalism and service.

"They've been very responsive and very knowledgeable, and it's apparent when you speak with them that they have many years of experience in grain drying." Toline said. "Our customers have been very satisfied, and I expect that NECO will continue this relationship with Dryer Master and build on it in the future."

For more information about Dryer Master's service and products, please visit their website at www.dryermaster.com, call them toll free at 1 (800) 265-2757, and follow them on Twitter at @dryermaster.

About Us:

Dryer Moisture Systems Inc. was formed with the purchase of the assets of Dantec Corporation.

The Dryer Master® moisture measurement and moisture control technology was introduced to the North American grain industry in 1983 by what was then Dantec Electronics Limited.

In 1989 Dantec Electronics Limited expanded its moisture measurement and control technology into manufactured food and feeds.

1990 saw a venture capital group invest in the technology and Dantec Systems Corporation was formed to advance the Dryer Master non linear model based control technology into other processes. The very successful Dantec Electronics Limited continued to market and expand its Dryer Master® technology in grain industry into other parts of the world. Dantec Systems Corporation continued its path in industrial moisture control and industrial automation in the processing industry working in pet food, feed and human food production.

The year 1998 saw Dantec Systems Corporation acquire Dantec Electronics Limited. The companies merged under Dantec Corporation. In the following years Dantec Corporation proceeded to sell off its affiliated businesses to focus on being just an engineering company.

The summer of 2006 Dryer Moisture Systems Inc. acquired the Dryer Master® portion of the business to continue what has been a long business tradition of providing an exemplary moisture measurement and moisture control solution.

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