Dry Vacuum Pump has integrated gas-ballast valve.

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XtraDry(TM) positive displacement dry vacuum pump features piston style design that does not expose bearings to high-vacuum conditions. It provides hydrocarbon-free vacuum and does not generate particulate that can contaminate vacuum processes. Pumping speed is independent of gas species, with 2-stage version providing pumping speed of 7 m³/hr and base pressure of 0.05 mbar. Single-stage model has pumping speed of 14 m³/hr and base pressure of 3 mbar.

Original Press Release:

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces Low Cost Dry Vacuum Pump that Delivers High Reliability and Low Particulate Generation with Low Maintenance - XtraDry(TM)

Pfeiffer Vacuum, one of the worlds leading producers of vacuum products and services, has announced the introduction of XtraDry, a new positive displacement dry pump technology. XtraDry features a simple piston style design which does not expose the bearings to high vacuum conditions. XtraDry provides a hydrocarbon-free vacuum and does not generate particulates that can contaminate vacuum processes. The pumps operating characteristics make it well suited for use in semiconductor applications such as load locks and differential seals, as well as a backing pump for turbo pumps in high vacuum systems.

XtraDry has been designed for exceptional performance, long service life, ease of maintenance and low cost. It features a flexible and simple, low vibration design that permits multiple pump configurations while having few moving parts. Pumping speed is independent of gas species with a two-stage version providing a pumping speed of 7 m³/h and a base pressure of 0.05 mbar. A single-stage model has a pumping speed of 14 m³/hr and a base pressure of 3 mbar. XtraDry has a quiet, single-phase motor for ease of use, and an integrated gas-ballast valve for improved vapor-handling capability.

The XtraDry pump can be used in any application that experiences particulate contamination generated by scroll pumps. In addition, it has shown promise as a replacement for rotary vane pumps where there are concerns about oil back-streaming.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc., develops, produces and markets key components for vacuum technology used in semiconductor fabrication, optical and thin film deposition, such as flat panel displays and TV monitors, analytical instrumentation, high energy physics, and research and development. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detectors, mass spectrometers, and accessories such as valves, fittings and flanges.

Pfeiffer Vacuum North American operations offer marketing, sales, field services, repair, customer training, and applications and support. Sales and support functions are throughout the U.S. with a major customer support center in Milpitas, California, in the heart of the semiconductor industry.

For further information, contact Mark Clement, at Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc., 24 Trafalgar Square, Nashua, NH 03063-1988. Phone 607-578-6500. Fax 603-578-6550. Website: pfeiffer-vacuum.com; E-Mail: mclement@pfeiffer-vacuum.com

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