Dry Powder Transfer, Mixing, Blending and Dispensing Combined in a Single Vessel Eliminates Contamination, Reduces Material Handling, and Speeds Clean-up

Sanitary ingredient storage and discharge system safely and accurately dispenses and mixes companion ingredients for packaging prepared mix products

Ft. Worth, TX: A secure single vessel powder ingredient transfer system from Tote Systems(TM) preserves end-product brand integrity by minimizing material contamination, product handling, environmental contamination and cost during mixing, blending, shipping and storage operations.

The powdered ingredient is filled into a stainless steel Tote System Container (IBC) and can be shipped or stored for later use. When ready for use, the container is moved onto a Tote System blender platform that cradles and rotates the closed container to mix the ingredients.

Tote Systems' single vessel mixing and blending IBC containers utilize the same sealed primary container as the storage and blending vessel. Ingredients are filled and managed within the same protective environment to guard against airborne dust and waste spillage; machine product cross-contamination and human error. Single-use Tote Systems IBC eliminate product transfer, vessel cleanup, container sanitation and validation operations and production downtime during dispensing, mixing, blending and changeover operations that typically occur during manual batch filling and multi-vessel transfer operations.

A wide range of container sizes, shapes and designs is available to meet diverse material handling requirements and mixing/blending applications. Containers may be typical side-door units with straight walls or hopper containers with angled walls below a straight-walled upper section, or custom-engineered variations.

When ingredients are needed, the mixed, ready-to-use loaded Tote Systems vessel is placed into a premier discharger or tilt discharger that is moved into alignment within the processing. Output from the vessel feeds tablet presses, encapsulators, process vessels, granulators and mills.

Custom options are available for automation, segregation prevention and metered output. Special wall-mounted or container-mounted intensifying mechanisms are available for containers storing heavier or moist products that tend to agglomerate.

Tote Systems, the originator of material handling containment systems, has offered high quality bulk handling supplies since 1948. Tote Systems offers filling, packaging, blending, processing, shipping, storage and dispensing equipment for packaging dry powder and liquid-based ingredients. Tote Systems also offers machinery and system engineering services and waterjet cutting of materials. Tote Systems products include bins, blenders, post lifts, discharge stations, fill stations, wash stations, valves, liquid IBC's, integrated handling equipment , material storage tanks and spare parts.

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