Dry Block Temperature Calibrators offer portable operation.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for on-site calibration of RTDs, T/Cs, bi-metal thermometers, temperature switches and indicators, Models 350H and 350H2 feature temperature range from 10-350°C, stabilities of ±0.3°C (350H) and ±0.4°C (350H2), and accuracy of ± 1°C. They offer array of interchangeable multi-hole theromowell inserts with well dia of 25 mm and depths of 120 mm (350H) and 200 mm (350H2). Traceable Calibration Certificate is included.

Original Press Release:

E Instruments 350H & H2 Portable Dry Block Calibrators

The E Instruments 350H & 350H2 Calibrators are Fast and Reliable Portable Medium Temperature Dry Block Calibrators. These Dry Block calibrators offer an array of Interchangeable Multi-hole Theromowell Inserts. They are ideal for quick on-site calibration of RTD's, T/C's, Bi-Metal Thermometers, Temperature Switches and Temperature Indicators.

The 350H & 350H2 features include:
o Temperature Range from 10°C to 350°C
o Stability 350H ±0.3°C 350H2 ±0.4°C
o Accuracy ± 1°C
o Display Resolution: 0.1°C
o Heating Time: 350H 20 minutes, 350H2 28 minutes
o Cooling Time: 350H 45 minutes 350H2 60 minutes
o Stabilization Time: of 15 minutes
o Well Diameter: 25mm
o Well Depth: 350H 120mm 350H2 200mm
o Traceable Calibration Certificate Included

For additional information, please contact
E Instruments' MicroCal Department,
Attention: Ray Biarnes,
172 Middletown Blvd.,
Suite B201,
PA 19047
Tel: 215 750 1212,
Fax: 215 750 1399
Email: info@einstrumentsgoup.com,

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