Dry Adhesive turns non-tacky label stock into PSA product.

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Silgon™ Linerless Technology remains dry until activated, at which point it becomes tacky and will bond permanently to surface being labeled. Environmentally friendly solution, with adhesive that can be activated by high energy light and radiant heat plates as well as other methods, allows rolls or sheets of non-sticky label stock to be stored as such and activated whenever necessary. Existing label application methods can be retro-fitted to use this technology.

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Linerless Labeling Breakthrough Saves Time, Cuts Waste in Half

Easton, PA - Polykote Corp. has developed the decade's most exciting breakthrough in adhesive technology. Newly unveiled Silgon™ Linerless Technology allows users to turn non-tacky label stock into everlasting pressure-sensitive adhesive products. Poised to meet the high demand for linerless product this patent-pending technology is altogether cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and aids in streamlining production.

The advantage of Silgon™ Linerless Technology is its unique dry adhesive. Patent pending chemistry remains dry until activated, at which point it becomes tacky, bonding permanently to the surface being labeled. Non-sticky label stock, available in roll or sheet form, can be stored as such and activated whenever necessary.

Silgon™ technology also provides immense environmental benefit: without the need for liners, waste is reduced by more than half. Not only does this keep more trash out of the waste stream, it also saves trees and other raw materials in the liner-making process.

Linerless technology equals less raw material, less pollution in liner production, reduced volume in shipping, and a reduced carbon footprint overall.

It also equates to more streamlined, cost-effective, production as less material is handled during the labeling process.

In addition to waste reduction and time-saving benefits, the new adhesive does not require a release coat on the print surface thus allowing variable imprinting on the face side. Polykote Corp has produced a variety of labeling materials as well as several methods for activation and application of this breakthrough adhesive.

Polykote has also partnered with several application equipment manufacturers to assist with the retrofitting of existing labeling equipment. Many existing label application methods can be retro-fitted to use this technology. High energy light and radiant heat plates are two common energy sources used to activate the adhesive.

The labeling industry has been searching for a linerless product for many years. Polykote's development of the Silgon™ Linerless Technology is the premier solution to this long-standing need. It is a convenient, versatile adhesive solution offering cost- and time-saving benefits to more than the production process: substantial reduction in raw material need dramatically reduces environmental impact from start to finish.

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