Drum Tumbler Control Options help optimize safety.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to rotate plastic, steel, or fiber drums with corner-over-corner action, DrumTumblr™ offers selection of controls and enclosures with safety interlock. Supporting rotation speeds from 2–20 rpm, AC Control Package NEMA 4/12 for Non-Hazardous applications includes mast and box with adjustable timer, start/stop buttons, Emergency Stop button, 24 Vdc supply, and wire terminals to connect safety interlock switch. Explosion-Proof AC controls, NEMA 7/9 are available for hazardous areas.

Original Press Release:

NEW! DrumTumblr(TM) Control Options Enhance Safety, Ease of Use

The CE mark certified Morse DrumTumblr™ offers a new selection of controls (and enclosures with safety interlock). The AC Control Package NEMA 4/12 for Non-Hazardous applications includes mast and box with: Adjustable timer (a few seconds to 16 hours), Start/Stop buttons, Rotation speeds 2 to 20 RPM, Red Emergency Stop button, lockable main disconnect to stop power to unit, 24V DC control supply, wire terminals to connect safety interlock switch. Also new for hazardous areas are explosion-Proof AC controls, NEMA 7/9. Complete DrumTumblr and controller specs at: http://morsedrum.com/products/310-Tilt-To-Load-Drum-Rotator.htm

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