Drum Lift/Transport Stations have 1,000 lb capacities.

Press Release Summary:

Series 82A lift, transport, and dispensing stations allow users to rotate drum for pouring, and lock drum at horizontal or vertical positions. They lift 55 gallon drums up to 20 in. above floor in upright position. Maximum dispensing height is 26 in. Series 82H stations move drums to and from pallets and floor. Minimum drum height is 28 in. It can raise 34-7/8 in. tall, rimmed drums up to 22 in. above floor, and features mechanical, automatic drum grip.

Original Press Release:

Lift, Transport And Dispense Drum

82A SERIES (1000 Pound Capacity)
- Lift, Transport, and dispense fully loaded drum
- Rotate drum for pouring
- Lock drum at horizontal for dispensing
- Lock at vertical to prevent spills
- Lift standard 55 gallon drum
- Up to 20" above floor in upright position
- Max. dispensing height: 26" for horizontal drum
- Pour beyond base
- Accepts standard 55/30 Series adaptors for smaller drum diameters

82H SERIES (1000 Pound Capacity)
- Efficiently move drums to and from pallets and floor
- Holds drum upright
- Handle virtually any rimmed drum: steel, fibre, or plastic
- Handle drums of various diameters
- Minimum drum height of 28"
- Raise drum 34-7/8" tall up to 22" above floor
- Completely mechanical automatic drum grip
- Precision mechanism built to last
- Wide jaws for secure grip

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