Drum Insert provides global dispensing compatibility.

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Available for DrumQuik® PRO dip-tube based closed chemical dispensing connector system, 70 mm drum insert fits drums and IBC totes commonly found in Europe, China, Japan, and elsewhere in Asia, as well as parts from North America, that have BCS 70 x 6 mm or BCS 70 x 5 mm bung thread form. Hybrid design facilitates safe dispensing of chemical and food-based media from rigid containers for packagers and end-users. Seal is located below threads, and construction is of virgin FDA-grade HDPE.

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CPC Expands Options for DrumQuik® PRO System

New 70mm Drum Insert Provides Global Compatibility with Drums

St. Paul, Minn. — CPC (Colder Products Company), the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings for chemical handling and packaging, announces the expansion of its DrumQuik® PRO dip-tube based closed chemical dispensing connector system with the addition of the 70mm drum insert. The new drum insert fits drums and IBC totes most commonly found in Europe, China, Japan and elsewhere in Asia and to a lesser extent in North America that have either the BCS 70x6mm or the BCS 70x5mm bung thread form. The new drum insert confirms DrumQuik PRO as a truly global product that makes dispensing of chemical and food-based media from rigid containers safer and easier for packagers and end-users alike.

“The DrumQuik PRO 70mm drum insert rounds out the product offering so that we now offer a drum insert for virtually every common drum and IBC found anywhere in North and South America, Europe, Japan and throughout Asia,” said Thomas Braun, chemical and packaging business manager for CPC. “The hybrid thread design of the new drum insert allows it to connect with both 70x5 and 70x6 threads using a single product.”

The 70x6mm and 70x5mm thread forms are closely related yet differ by 1mm in thread pitch. The new 70mm drum insert features a unique hybrid design that makes it compatible with both the BCS 70x6 and BCS 70x5 thread forms. It has a robust seal design that is located below the threads, allowing it to be used in higher pressure applications. Made from virgin FDA-grade HDPE, the new drum insert mates with all DrumQuik PRO and PUR dip-tubes and couplers.

The patented DrumQuik PRO system creates a closed media transfer system for general and high purity chemicals. Rugged and cost-effective DrumQuik dispensing systems minimize chemical exposure to the media and the fumes they generate and facilitate the delivery of chemicals from bulk transfer containers to end use applications in sealed and fume-free manner. DrumQuik has been tested with most common drums and IBC’s to applicable UN/DOT/BAM standards for use in the transport of Hazardous (HAZMAT) chemicals from the filling location to the end-user.

CPC’s wide range of chemically resistant quick disconnect couplings and DrumQuik closed chemical dispensing systems provide non-spill operation and improve employee and environmental safety in most chemical management environments. Common market applications include water treatment, janitorial and laundry/sanitation, agricultural pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF/AdBlue) for diesel emission reduction, high purity semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing as well food-based flavorings and scents requiring FDA-grade materials. DrumQuik can be used with common pump types including centrifugal, diaphragm, gear, vane, peristaltic and micro-metering.

To discuss how your chemical handling and packaging system will benefit from incorporating the DrumQuik PRO chemical dispensing system with the 70mm or other drum inserts, please visit us online at cpcworldwide.com/DrumQuik. For information on any of the other 10,000+ innovation connection solutions CPC offers please visit us online at cpcworldwide.com.

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