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Drug and Explosives Detector is effective in large areas.

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Jan 31, 2013 - Based on chemical reaction instead of electronic search, Sniffer enables users in field to search for explosives as well as illicit drugs in large areas, such as rooms, containers, cars, and clothes, within seconds. Applicator is considered as core of this system and is also able to wipe down surfaces. Designed to facilitate use, detector works on any surface, provides instant response, and does not produce any false positives. No special maintenance is required.

IDenta Corp - Jerusalem, ISR

Original Press Release

International Drug & Explosives Detection Company IDenta Corp Set to Release Revolutionary New Sniffer

Press release date: Jan 24, 2013

JERUSALEM -- IDenta Corp. (OTC Pink: IDTA) CEO Yaacov Shoham today made a major announcement concerning the release of the new Sniffer.

Mr. Shoham stated, "The revolutionary new Sniffer has been warmly welcomed by many agencies and companies in different countries such as India, France, UK and Israel.

A new applicator (able to wipe down surfaces also) will be the core of IDenta's new SNIFFER.

The new device is working on a chemical reaction instead of electronic search (compared to the current electronic sniffers used today at the airports).

This technology is unique to IDenta, it is a novel product, unique in the world.

With the new SNIFFER, the users in the field will be able to search large areas (like: rooms, containers, cars, clothes, etc') in a few seconds!

We have already received orders for the Sniffer from India- 8 Sniffers and from Israel - 7 Sniffers. Each Sniffer will only cost 5000 usd, much less than the electronic sniffer which cost up to 50,000 usd.

Our Sniffer is a reliable device (no false positives), very user friendly, works on any surface, inexpensive, gives instant response, no special maintenance required, etc.

The same Sniffer can be used testing for explosives and illicit drugs!!!!!

Our business plan is to introduce it in the first quarter of 2013 and we expect sales through the end of 2013 of at least 250 Sniffers = 1.250.000 usd.

In each of the following years our conservative estimate of sales is as follows:

Year 2014- 700 sniffers = 3.500.000 usd

Year 2015- 1500 sniffers = 7.500.000 usd.

The sales estimates for the Sniffers are in addition to our other products."

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Since 2003, IDenta Corporation has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development of proprietary on-site drug, drug precursor and explosive detection kits. IDenta develops, manufactures and distributes products for both the professional and civil markets which consistently pass the highest qualifications and testing procedures of law enforcement and security agencies around the world.

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