Driving Screws into Hardwood Should be Easy

As harder and harder woods were introduced to the woodworking industry, the result was an increase in labor of piloting holes. Quickscrews International CEO & Founder Greg Wiener witnessed people using drywall and sheet metal screws in wood, thinking this could solve the problem. He knew there was a better solution.

"Putting a Type 17 point on a coarse thread screw allows that screw to be delivered directly into the material without the need of a pilot hole," Wiener said.

The Type 17 Auger Point does two things – first, it is easier to drive the screw, with a flute at the end of the point designed to cut out a hole in the harder materials, effectively negating the need to have to pre-drill a hole; and second, as the screw gets inserted in the material, it flushes this material so that it goes up the shank of the screw, as opposed to going outward, which is what causes splits.

Nibs were designed mostly in conjuncture with Type 17 pointed screws. If a user got a screw that didn’t require pre-drilling a pilot hole, but had to sink the head, how was that to be accomplished? In harder woods, without nibs, the screw head could not sink, so, "the nibs were put on the head to basically cut its own countersunk hole, allowing it to sit flush or slightly below the surface," said Wiener.

This feature became handy once the need for pre-drilling was eliminated. The nibs are underneath the head and act as a cutting mechanism, cutting a countersunk hole into the wood, which enables the head to sit flush or sunk about an 8th of an inch.

For people that work with hardwoods and don't want to waste their energy pre-drilling a pilot hole and making sure their screw sits flush, Quickscrews has the largest selection of screws with Type 17 Points and/or Nibs, making them the ideal woodworking choice.

Quickscrews International Corporation was established over 25 years ago with an objective to provide quality products at a competitive price and bring innovation and support to the woodworking, furniture and cabinet trades. The largest and most complete line in the industry allows customers to choose specifically what is right for their application.

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