Driving Route Optimization Software is offered as Excel add-in.

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Working in conjunction with Microsoft MapPoint, CDXZipStream v10.2 finds optimal order of stops on driving route and provides step-by-step driving directions with estimated fuel cost and trip duration. Since CDXZipStream can be installed on laptop and does not require Internet connection or GPS signal, it can work remotely in any location or vehicle. Software additionally performs zip code radius analysis, driving distance and time calculations, demographic analysis, and geocoding.

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Businesses Go Green and Save Money Using CDXZipStream Driving Route Optimization Software

Randolph, NJ - CDX Technologies has just released the newest version of the software CDXZipStream that includes the ability to perform route optimization. CDXZipStream 10.2 (http://www.cdxtech.com/cdxzipstream/overview.aspx) is a Microsoft Excel add in that, working in conjunction with Microsoft MapPoint, finds the optimal order of stops on a driving route, saving time, money, and fuel.

"Other route optimization software can be expensive and complex," says CDX Technologies president Bill Hughes. "CDXZipStream is a low-cost alternative that even small businesses can use to save fuel and ultimately reduce delivery and other transportation costs. It has a patented interface that's easy to learn - and the user works entirely within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, where the spreadsheet format allows for easy data input and analysis of many driving routes."

Larger companies are also using the route optimizing capability of CDXZipStream since its low cost allows for multiple copies to be deployed among field offices and sales representatives. Providing route optimization software in the field is particularly important when there are last-minute changes to sales calls or delivery schedules; since it can be installed on a laptop and does not require an internet connection or GPS signal, CDXZipStream can work remotely in any location or vehicle. In addition to determining the optimal order of stops, the software provides step-by-step driving directions, estimated fuel cost and trip duration, and route maps.

"This is a good example where going green and saving money go hand-in-hand," according to Hughes. "Reducing time on the road makes sense both from an economic and environmental standpoint, and businesses now have a software option that can do route optimization effectively and at low cost."

CDXZipStream offers a range of functionality that helps businesses make key decisions using location-based data such as addresses and zip codes. Besides route optimization, it can also perform zip code radius analysis, driving distance and time calculations, demographic analysis, geocoding (converting addresses to latitude and longitude), and mapping. CDXZipStream has received numerous awards including Tucow's prestigious "5 Cow" award. A 30-day trial (http://www.cdxtech.com/cdxzipstream/demo.aspx) of the software can be evaluated prior to purchase.

CDXTechnologies (http://www.cdxtech.com) provides software and services solutions for Client Data eXchange, such as web-based collaboration and business intelligence platforms. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Financial Services, Inc. (http://www.hughesfs.com) of Randolph, New Jersey. Since 1987 Hughes Financial Services has developed Microsoft enterprise software for major investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies. For more information about CDXZipStream or other products from CDX Technologies, please call 1-877-CDX-TEC1 (1-877-239-8321).

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