Driver ICs offer optimized signal integrity capabilities.

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In addition to PCIe 5 Gbps applications, 5904 and 5964 ReDriver(TM) ICs can operate in non-protocol-specific or proprietary-protocol applications. Optimized for output drive capability, ICs come in LBGA package (5904) with programmable settings of transmit and receive equalization and output swing via both external pin strapping and I²C/SM bus programming or TQFN package (5964) with I²C/SM bus programming only. Both also support loopback and mux/demux modes.

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Pericom Introduces Enhanced ReDriver(TM) Aimed at Multiple Market Segments

Latest ReDrivers Bring Cost-Effective Signal Integrity to Server, Storage, Networking, and Embedded Applications

SAN JOSE, CA - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM), a worldwide preferred supplier of products for timing, signal conditioning and serial connectivity, today announced the launch of enhanced versions of its workhorse 5Gb ReDriver(TM) that expand cost and performance benefits across server, storage, networking and embedded market segments.

The new 5Gb ReDrivers offer enhanced signal integrity (SI) capabilities, providing cost-effective SI performance to new applications that previously had to rely on more expensive signal conditioning solutions. In addition to standard PCI Express (PCIe) 5Gbps applications, the new ReDrivers can operate in non-protocol-specific or proprietary-protocol applications, which are more common to networking and embedded platforms.

The new 5904 and 5964 ReDrivers are derived from the very successful 5804 and 5864 ReDriver signal conditioning ICs, widely implemented by top-tier customers in mainly server and storage market segments. These new ReDrivers provide increased output drive capability, along with other enhancements, which can support the longer signal traces and cables associated with many networking and embedded system platforms, and can also operate in non PCIe environments, such as serdes backplane, ATCA, XAUI, and other formats.

"Our new 5904 and 5964 deliver the cost and performance benefits of our ReDriver technology to a new generation of networking and embedded customers beyond our traditional server and storage customer base," said Bill Weir, senior director of marketing for Connect Products at Pericom. "Our top-tier design wins within these new market segments are growing nicely as design engineers upgrade to our advanced low latency,cost-effective technology." The worldwide market SAM estimate for server, storage, networking and embedded platform signal conditioning solutions using up to 5Gb PCIe or similar speed protocols exceeds $50 million, according to Pericom analysis.

The key features support 4 lanes (8 differential channels), at operating speeds up to 5Gbps, across a choice of 2 package options: the LBGA package 5904) offers customer programmable settings of transmit and receive equalization and output swing by both external pin strapping and I2C/SM bus programming, while the smaller TQFN package (5964) offers I2C/SM bus programming only. In addition, both ICs support loopback mode for convenient debugging and test options, and also offer an industry unique mux/demux mode capability -- allowing for internal lane switching. This unique feature can save additional external lane switches for multiple connector applications. Further BOM savings can be realized since Pericom ReDriver technology does not require an external clock source, and power requirements are a very low 50mW/channel (typical). Both products are Industrial Temperature range rated (-40C to +85C), to further support customer platform requirements.

Pricing & Availability:
The new ReDriver solutions are sampling now, with production quantities available in May 2011. Pricing is at 5Ku OEM quantities -- PI2EQX5904 - $6.95, PI2EQX5964 - $6.45.

Pericom ReDriver product families cover all the popular high-speed protocols, such as PCI Express, USB 3.0, SATA, SAS, XAUI, SRIO, Infiniband,HDMI, Ethernet, and Display Port -- with more on the way as high-speed protocols continue to evolve to faster speeds. An advantage of the technology is its ability to also offer 'protocol agnostic' capability, allowing it to support non standard data rates utilized in proprietary networking and embedded applications, such as backplane, chassis to chassis cable, and specialty test equipment.

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Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM) enables serial connectivity with complete solutions for computing, communications and consumer market segments. Pericom's integrated circuits and frequency control products provide the connectivity, timing and conditioning of high-speed signals required by today's electronic applications. Company headquarters are in San Jose, Calif., with design centers, sales and support offices globally.

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