Drive Home Your Brand with Customized Muntin Bars from NABCO Entrances

MUSKEGO, WISCONSIN... NABCO Entrances is now offering customized engraved muntin bars on its Gyro Tech® line of automatic doors. For this application, extra wide muntin bars are acid etched with your logo or other message and filled with paint color-matched to your specifications. Etching the muntin bars in this attractive 3-D process helps ensure that your brand or message is in the center of your customers' field of vision where it has the most impact, and it won't wear off from frequent contact or exposure to the elements. Logos, type or other artwork can be reproduced in any number of colors from an original EPS or Illustrator file. Muntin bars can also be etched to direct traffic flow "in" and "out" of your facility.

Gyro Tech is the brand name of automatic entrance systems offered by NABCO Entrances Inc. located in Muskego, Wisconsin. NABCO Entrances is the only automatic door company in North America that manufactures complete entrance systems including advanced sensors, and automatic sliding, swing and folding doors. Many Gyro Tech products are available in hurricane-rated versions designed to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code. NABCO also offers repair and maintenance service to national chains for all brands of automatic doors.

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Larry Grassmann
V. P. of Sales and Marketing
NABCO Entrances Inc.
Phone: 877-622-2694

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