Drive/Control System features integrated design.

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With IndraDrive Mi, motor casing serves as heat sink for servo/control system, which is attached to long axis of motor, adding only small amount to cross sectional profile. Single cable carries both power and SERCOS communications, and all connections, as well as IndraDrive Mi itself, are rated to protection class IP65. Servo drives have over 100 technology functions, including integrated Motion Logic system conforming to IEC 61131-3.

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Rexroth IndraDrive Mi: Total Performance in Half the Space

Innovative integrated drive/control system dramatically reduces installation costs

Another milestone for IndraDrive, Rexroth's next generation drive system; a complete drive, motion control, and logic control mounted directly on the motor. The drive and control company has attached its new electronic control, IndraDrive Mi, flush onto the motor, using the motor casing surface as the heat sink. Rexroth reduced the total build space required by over 50% when compared to traditional servo drives.

(Hoffman Estates, IL - With IndraDrive Mi, Rexroth engineers have utilized a completely new motion control design concept. The motor casing serves as the heat sink for the servo/control system, which is attached to the long axis of the motor, adding only a small amount to the cross sectional profile. This results in up to 30% less area required compared to other integrated systems where the electronics are fitted behind the motor, and over 50% less total space compared to a traditional servo system with separate motor and drive packages. Overall, this dramatically reduces the required space and air conditioning requirements of the control cabinet.

In addition, the Rexroth IndraDrive Mi significantly reduces wiring costs. A single cable carries both power and SERCOS communications. When several IndraDrive Mi systems are connected in series, the wiring costs are reduced even further. Instead of two cables running from the control cabinet for each axis, only one cable comes from the cabinet. Each additional axis is daisy-chained to the preceding axis with pre-fabricated connectors. All connections, as well as the IndraDrive Mi itself, are rated to protection class IP65.

The new IndraDrive Mi combines top power density with total functionality and is fully compatible with the IndraDrive range. As with all IndraDrives, these servo drives have over 100 technology functions, including the integrated Motion Logic system conforming to IEC 61131-3. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for decentralized automation.

The integrated concept of IndraDrive Mi eliminates the need to replace wearing parts such as fans, electrolytic capacitors and relays. Specialized electronics are designed to handle extreme temperature ranges while providing more rated power than competitive solutions.

Bosch Rexroth AG, part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of approximately $5.7 billion (4.6 billion Euro) in 2005 with over 28,200 employees. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company offers all drive and control technologies, from mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics to electronics and associated service. Over 500,000 customers worldwide utilize Rexroth's unique technological know-how to implement their innovative and future-oriented systems and machine concepts. The global player, represented in over 80 countries, is an extensive supplier of components and systems for industrial and factory automation and mobile applications. For more information visit

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