Drill matches brazed drill precision.

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CrownLoc(TM) allows users to drill different diameters using same drill body. It features precision-ground interface of interlocking V-grooves to ensure repeated positioning of each crown. Cutting edges are produced by injection-molding carbide substrate, producing homogenous tungsten carbide. Double coolant holes through each crown permit high volume of coolant to reach cutting edge.
Crowns are available in .05mm increments.

Original Press Release:

New Drill Technology Lets You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Seco Carboloy CrownLoc(TM) matches brazed drill precision and increases performance

Warren, Mich., April 22, 2002 - Carboloy Inc., a part of Seco Tools AB, introduces the Seco Carboloy CrownLoc(TM), a drill that offers all the precision of a brazed drill while providing greater productivity at reduced operating costs.

Close diameter tolerance, self-centering geometry, exact positioning and rigid clamping of a solid carbide crown characterize the precision of CrownLoc. It features a patented
precision-ground interface of interlocking V-grooves to ensure rigidity and the exact, repeated positioning of each crown. The locking pattern allows only one correct fit and is easy to find
once a crown is mounted on the pull rod. Further, when the pull rod is tightened by the clamping screw, it exerts such a strong hold that the crown/body combination can withstand the same high feeds as a brazed drill.

Offering maximum flexibility, CrownLoc allows users to drill a different diameter (within the same range, ie. 14.00mm - 14.99 mm) using the same drill body. The crowns, available in .05mm increments, are easily changed. And, since the precision is so accurate, resetting is not necessary.

The new solid carbide grade and two specially developed geometries, suitable for all drilling operations, offer superior metal removal rates and long tool life. Cutting edges are
produced by injection-molding the carbide substrate, producing a completely homogenous tungsten carbide which enhances both strength and thermal properties. Double coolant holes through each crown permit a high volume of coolant to reach the cutting edge.

When compared to brazed drills, CrownLoc offers substantial cost-savings and efficiencies. With the ability to exchange crowns easily and accurately, there is no need to send drills out to be reground. Thus, there is no need to invest in a back-up inventory.

Carboloy Inc., is part of the Seco Tools AB worldwide organization and a manufacturer of Seco-Carboloy carbide tooling and related products, systems and services. The company commands a respected position in the U.S. metalworking industry through its dedication to quality, advanced technology, and excellence in customer service. Carboloy markets its full range of cutting tools and related accessories through a network of over 400 authorized distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

More information can be obtained by contacting Carboloy Inc., 11177 East Eight Mile Road, Warren, Mich. 48089. Tel: 800-832-8326. Product information is available in PDF format literature at www.carboloy.com. In addition, the website offers a company profile, distributor locations, technical service information and contact information.

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