Drill Bits offer 135° split point that starts on contact.

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High-Speed Steel Black Oxide Bits feature triple tempered black oxide coating for all-purpose, heavy-duty drilling in wood, plastic, carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, and soft cast iron. Coated in high-speed steel-titanium nitride for surface hardness in excess of 80 HRC, Titanium Bits can drill same materials as black oxide bits. Suited for penetrating abrasive materials, Cobalt Alloy Bits feature hardness up to 68 HRC and resist heat up to 1,100°F.

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New Bosch Drill Bits - Faster, Tougher and More Precise

Titanium, Cobalt & Black Oxide Drill Bit Lines

Mount Prospect, Ill., January 20, 2004 -Speed, precision and durability make the new Bosch Power Tools and Accessories, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Titanium, Cobalt and Black Oxide drill bit lines the ultimate choice for professionals. As a premier accessory manufacturer in the $740 million North American drill bit market and $2.5 billion total accessory market, the new line is only one of an array of Bosch Accessories trusted worldwide. These accessory lines include bits -hammer steel, carbide, router, screw driver, wood boring, auger, speed core and RapidFeedTM spade; saw blades -circular, table, miter, reciprocating, jig, planer, rotary; Power ChangeTM Hole Saws; sanding pads and discs; abrasive wheels and many more.

Black Oxide
Bosch designed the new High-Speed Steel Black Oxide drill bits for all-purpose heavy-duty drilling in wood, plastic, carbon and alloy steels, aluminum and soft cast iron. With triple tempered black oxide coating, these Bosch bits will last 50-percent longer than standard uncoated high-speed drill bits. Since heat is the single largest hindrance to the life of a bit, Bosch designed a special coating that gives each bit a high level of lubricity to reduce heat build up and prolong the life of each bit. Whether a professional or serious do-it-yourselfer, precise holes and longer lasting bits make a big difference in any job or project.

And since Bosch understands that time is money, it combined features like a 135-degree spilt point that starts on contact and enlarged flutes with a high helix for faster material removal to make these Black Oxide bits three-times faster than standard drill bits on the market.

The new Bosch Black Oxide bits can be found in both bulk and single SKUs in an array of sizes and lengths including:

Fractional - Jobber-3/8-inch reduced shank, 6-inch extra, 12-inch extra, left-hand jobber, stubby, double-end, 1/2-inch reduced shank

Wire Gauge - Jobber, stubby, double-end

Designed for repetitive heavy-duty drilling in wood, plastic, common stainless steels, carbon and alloy steels and soft cast iron, the new Bosch titanium drill bit line is the industry's toughest. By coating each bit with high-speed steel-titanium nitride, Bosch not only made the surface of the bit harder, in excess of 80 HRC(Hardness Rockwell), but also dramatically reduced the amount of heat and friction created between the bit and workpiece. As a result, the bit will last up to six-times longer than standard black oxide bits and drill through more materials.

The Bosch Speed Helix design, an aggressive flute structure engineered to remove material faster, and 135-degree split point that eliminates walking, also make each bit more efficient, with up to three-times faster penetration than bits designed with a Standard Helix. Quicker penetration also means less energy on the part of the drill turning the bit and the user pressing down, which translates into more battery life for a cordless drill/driver and less fatigue on the part of the user. Bosch Titanium drill bits can be found in single and multi-pack SKUs in array of sizes and lengths including Fractional and Jobber length.

Hardened stainless steels, cast iron, titanium, wood and plastics are no match for the new Bosch cobalt drill bit line. With a special Bosch cobalt alloy, these new bits resist heat up to 1,100-degrees Fahrenheit, allowing each to last in extremely abrasive materials that would normally destroy any other bit. Further advancing each bits' efficiency, Bosch also increased the overall bit hardness up to 68 HRC, perfect for penetrating tough or abrasive materials, while a 135-degree split point starts drilling on contact by eliminating walking. And finally, a thicker web design increases the bits overall rigidity to prevent the bit from snapping in hard materials.

Bosch Cobalt drill bits can be found in single and multi-pack SKUs in array of sizes and lengths including Fractional and Jobber length.

About Bosch Power Tools and Accessories:
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is one of the divisions within the $1 billion, 5,000 employee strong Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which is the North American branch of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturer in the world, Robert Bosch GmbH. Bosch Power Tools provides a complete line of corded and cordless power tools and accessories that have been engineered to survive any jobsite and allow professionals to take control of their work. For more information, call toll free 877-BOSCH-99 (877-267-2499) or visit www.boschtools.com

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