Dri-Air Industries is the Selected Supplier of Drying Equipment to the New UMass Lowell Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center

Mini Portable Dryer and a Hopper Bank easily handles a diverse range of conditions

East Windsor, CT- Furthering the long standing relationship with UMass Lowell, Dri-Air Industries is the selected supplier of drying equipment for the newly opened UMass Lowell Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center. The company supplied a Mini PD Portable Dryer as well as a Hopper Bank and material loaders for the Center. The drying and loading equipment is ideal for their applications to process low quantities of resin for testing purposes.

The Mini PD Portable Dryer can be used beside any of their processing equipment. It is ideal for small press /extruders with the dryer and hopper on a compact, floor frame with casters. The DAC compressed air loader provides quiet, reliable transfer of dried materials to the press / extruder.

Dri-Air first introduced the Mini PD Portable Dryer at the NPE2012 show. These popular units replace conventional press mounted drying hoppers so material changes can be made off the press / extruder. Dryers can be staged outside the molding area for preparation for the next material run, eliminating downtime with material changeovers. The compact dual Desiccant bed Arid-X 10 dryer is ideal for low throughput or small press and extruder applications. An all-electric design, no compressed air is required, just plug it into a single phase 110 or 220-volt outlet.

The hopper bank, ideal for drying different materials at different temperatures simultaneously, has 4 hoppers, 3 with 30-pound capacity and one with 60-pound capacity. The HPD-50 dryer provides the dry air supply for the hopper bank.

This system allows them to run 4 different materials at the same time - providing ideal flexibility for running small jobs. Downtime waiting for dry material is eliminated along with any contamination. Individual temperatures and residence times are easily set and monitored by the ADC microprocessor control. Dri-Air's hopper banks can be custom ordered with the size and number of hoppers for the particular application.

"We are pleased that Dri-Air Industries is part of the UMass Lowell's new Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center by providing drying and loading equipment to the Center. We feel it is important to continue to innovate and promote the future of the Plastics Industry," said Charles Sears, President of Dri-Air.

According to the UMass Lowell media advisory, the 84,000-square-foot facility will be home to cutting-edge research in nanotechnology, molecular biology, plastics engineering, and optics that will advance fields such as life sciences, energy, national security, environmental protection, and more.

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Since 1974 Dri-Air has been the Industry leader in proven desiccant dryer technology, offering the highest quality at competitive pricing. Our plastics drying and loading systems offer a full range of solutions for drying plastic resins, mixing, blending and conveying virgin, regrind and plastic colorants. We offer advanced microprocessor control, stainless steel insulated hoppers, closed-loop loading systems and full-flo electric dryer valves. Our constant attention to detail and incredible response time has helped us sell thousands of drying systems worldwide. From 1 pound to 1,000 pounds per hour, we offer solutions to a wide range of industries from simple solutions to complex custom applications.

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